How Tech Can Help Uncover The Story Behind Financial Data


For a chief financial officer (CFO), having technology — from ERP systems to cloud accounting and cash forecasting tools — has become paramount when deploying a successful growth strategy. But come reporting time, many of these solutions still aren’t replacing spreadsheets and can’t capture key information behind the data , according to Wouter Born, chief technology officer of software firm CXO Solutions.

Understanding the Job of a Nonprofit Operations Manager

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They also develop and implement operational procedures and systems and manage budgets and financial reports. Who reports to the operations manager? And who do they report to? Implement Budgets and Oversee Financial Strategy. There are more than 1.54


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Fund Accounting for Nonprofits & Charities

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And the issue of restricted funds presents unique bookkeeping and accounting challenges for a nonprofit that a for-profit company doesn’t face. This accounting system is called fund accounting. Who’s Required to Use Fund Accounting? . What is fund accounting? .

How to Change Careers to a Financial Sector Job

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The financial sector is one of the most competitive fields to break into, and people usually start at the bottom and work their way up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change careers and land a financial sector job. What Is the Financial Sector? Financial Advisor

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Nonprofit Accounting Basics for Founders, Board Members & Executives

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If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, you’re not researching nonprofit accounting basics to satisfy your curiosity. So you can understand what’s happening in your business and communicate effectively with your board members, donors, and financial team. What is nonprofit accounting?

Breaking Down the FP&A Function of the CFO Suite


Traditionally, the chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for tracking the company’s past and present financial situation and ensuring on-time and accurate financial reporting. This function is called financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

Is It Time To Change Your ERP System? Choose a Technology That DOESN’T Steal Your Soul!

Imagine a world where financial reports are delivered in real-time without your direct involvement and you stop working late nights, weekends, and during your family vacations? Maybe you’ve considered a change but don’t yet have it in the budget.

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Best Practices from the CFO Suite


The financial implication of these decision is critical and the CFO is the executive helping the CEO navigate these decisions. Historically, the CFO role was focused on backward looking information: ensuring on-time and accurate financial reporting. Accounting ?—?Nearly

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186: Thuso Marumo

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An accountant is one element of a business that you need on a daily basis’. Before putting on his entrepreneur hat, he was the chief financial officer of the Moqhaka Local Municipality in the Kroonstad area, and he was in this role for eight years. . 1X. ‘

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How to Escape the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

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Ever wondered why so many nonprofits are stuck in their financial struggles that they end up failing their communities? Chyla is the Founder and CEO of CNRG Accounting Advisory. She helps nonprofits get financially established so they can achieve their goals. Accounting advisory.

Treasury APIs, BNPL And Robinhood’s Outage Top This Week’s News


We have deep dives into treasury application programming interfaces (APIs) and buy now, pay later (BNPL), as well as a report on Robinhood ’s trading app outage that occurred earlier this week. UK Moves Closer to Big Four Accountancy Breakup. Trackers and Reports.