Accelerating Financial Reporting, From Monthly Reports To Real-Time Analytics


In today’s fast-paced business environment, the mad dash at the end of every month to close the books is hardly beneficial to today’s entrepreneur – or her accountant. According to Kurt Rathmann, CEO and founder of SMB accounting firm ScaleFactor , the month-end close may be the traditional way of doing things, but it forces small business owners to examine data that, by the time a financial report is completed, is too old to be of much use.

SMB Software Firm Zetran Jumps Into Accounting


Small business software provider Zetran is adding an accounting solution to its suite of services, the company said on Sunday (June 17). In a press release , Zetran said it saw a gap in the market for affordable automation software for small and medium-sized business accounting firms. The company aims to help fill that gap with its new accounting software product, myBooks. ” The accounting tool will first be released in the U.S.,


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FinTech Targets The Cash Flow Needs Of CPAs


The Certified Personal Accountant (CPA) today now has a plethora of FinTech solutions they can use to manage their clients’ money, with the number of digital tools — including cloud accounting portals, cash flow forecasting solutions and intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) — continuing to rise. These solutions create a disjointed, and sometimes ‘bloated’ experience for accounting professionals.”.

Lendified And The SMB/Millennial Connection


So it is with the extension of credit to smaller firms who need the funds to gain top-line traction. The remaining $4 million, stated the executive, is to be used to expand Lendified itself, with emphasis on data and analytics, in the same vein as the company’s acquisition of Mentio Technologies, a firm specializing in cash flow forecasting, earlier this year. It takes money to make money, the saying goes.

Are you ready to become a virtual CFO?

Future CFO

The accounting profession is going through some major changes. Small businesses now have so much choice when it comes to selecting an accounting practice, that ordinary services like compliance, tax preparation and basic bookkeeping have become commoditised. This represents a major opportunity for Singapore accounting firms to grow their advisory services. Crucially, they are empowering accountants to transition to the role of virtual CFO.