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Fund Accounting for Nonprofits & Charities

The Charity CFO

And the issue of restricted funds presents unique bookkeeping and accounting challenges for a nonprofit that a for-profit company doesn’t face. This accounting system is called fund accounting. Who’s Required to Use Fund Accounting? . What is fund accounting? .

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Big Four Seek Guidance On Trade Finance


Top accountancy firms are asking the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to clarify how corporates should report on supplier finance programs that are in place, according to Compliance Week reports on Friday (Oct. GAAP guidance does not clarify how to classify these programs as trade payables or debt, which has been a source of debate for several years.

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Best Practices from the CFO Suite


My motivation was to understand the responsibility of the CFO suite, the process of billing to accounting, and the software tools available to run an effective finance office. One is accounting: you need this done properly to inform the next two. Accounting ?—?Nearly

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