Rethinking The Roles Of Data, Accountants In SMB Finance


FinTech and automation technology have cast a shadow of anxiety on the accounting industry in recent years, as certified public accountants (CPAs) began to wonder whether their jobs would be replaced entirely by robots.

ACH Shows Signs Of B2B Payments Dominance


New analysis from corporate payments firm suggests ACH payments are dominating the accounts payable department. 13), said in its report, “ The Rise of Modern Business Payments ,” that accounting professionals now point to ACH payments as the dominant way they pay their corporate bills, with 73 percent noting that they use ACH payments and online banking to pay their clients’ invoices.

B2B 55

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How FinTech Helps SMBs Get A Grip On The Numbers


Financial management is mission-critical to the health and vitality of small business (SMB), but it’s also one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs and business owners that may have the skills to launch new products or services, but lack the accounting expertise to handle the numbers. In the case of accessing capital, the Federal Reserve ‘s latest analysis has suggested that small business demand for financing in the U.S. The firm secured $1.8

Automated and Data Driven Financial Planning Hasn’t Reached its Full Potential

The Finance Weekly

The impact of data driven financial analysis goes well beyond its traditional role of budgeting and forecasting, and has the potential to contribute greatly as a forward thinking department for real-time decision making.

Risk Mitigation


The cafe chain is fighting for survival after revealing on Wednesday it had uncovered “significant, and potentially fraudulent, accounting irregularities” Mr Marsh had been suspended when these problems were discovered. Patisserie Valerie says finance chief arrested.