Cash-Flow Forecasting remains KING

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“If you have to forecast, forecast often” (Edgar R. Need for reliable forecasts. Nobody could deny the importance of having accurate and reliable Cash-Flow Forecasts (CFF). Often, we heard “ cash is king”. Managing cash is easier than forecasting cash.

What is a 13 Week Cash Flow Forecast?

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A 13 week cash flow forecast is a short term forecast used during liquidity shortfalls to plan a company’s cash flows and avoid financial distress such as missing payroll, defaulting on debt, and ending up in bankruptcy or receivership. Forecasting


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Six Steps to Managing Your Cash Flow

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If you think about it, your personal life operates just like your business, but it’s on a cash basis, rather than an accrual basis. This is called your business’ cash flow. . Here’s a simple, six-step process to manage cash flow in your business.

CFO vs Controller – What’s the Difference?

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It’s not unusual in a small company for the accounting manager to become the controller and then become the CFO. Reconciles the bank accounts. Codes and processes Accounts Payable invoices. Issues Accounts Payable checks.

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The Cash Flow Connection To Accounts Receivable


Late payments have caught the attention of regulators around the world, and of FinTechs exploring ways to accelerate cash flow for B2B companies struggling to make a profit when invoices are left unpaid. But even as FinTechs introduce solutions — from early payment discount programs to accounts receivable (AR) automation platforms — days sales outstanding (DSO) can continue to rise for many businesses. The AR-Cash Flow Connection.

How Forecasting Tools Can Pull SMBs Through The Economic Storm


While larger enterprises have had the resources to embrace financial forecasting technologies that wield sophisticated tools to bring greater value to that data, smaller businesses have historically been shut out of the market for such financial solutions.

How To Capture The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Small Biz Cash Flow


While it’s commendable for a micro-business owner to want to remain small enough to control the books, the fact is, many entrepreneurs are inept when they put on their accountant’s hat. And, truth be told, many of them don’t put it on much at all; while some of them hire a part-time accountant or rely on their financial institution to help, that often doesn’t really cut it either. Wave’s approach to enhancing SMBs’ handle on cash management is a bit different.

Oiling The Many Moving Parts Of Cash Flow Management


Cash flow is key to maintaining a viable business during the pandemic. Amid market volatility, organizations are finding it imperative to accelerate their accounts receivables while extending accounts payables and still maintaining positive buyer-supplier relationships.

Auditoria Debuts New Automation Features For Corporate Finance


There are three new features — Intelligent Collections, Intelligent Vendor Management and Intelligent Planning — which are intended to remove time-wasting steps and friction and improve cash flow for corporate finance teams, the release stated.

How Data Guides A New Era For The ERP


The enterprise resource planning ( ERP ) system has been a staple of corporate finance operations for years, acting as a central repository of data and a hub to initiate a range of processes, from accounting to procurement.

An Order-To-Cash Overhaul Is Coming For B2B Payments


Voices in the B2B space are baying for payments modernization, and a great place for many companies to start is in their order-to-cash (O2C) cycle. Improving Cash Flow, Reducing Expenses.

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Mastercard In Control Integrates With MineralTree


Mastercard ‘s commercial card spend management solution In Control has been integrated into the accounts payable (AP) automation platform of MineralTree , the companies said in a press release on Thursday (Jan. The middle-market AP automation solution, Invoice-to-Pay, is integrating the Mastercard tool in an effort to promote the use of virtual commercial cards in accounts payable, MineralTree said.

Canada’s Path Toward B2B Payables Modernization


Lisa Lansdowne-Higgins, vice president of business deposits and treasury solutions at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), recently told PYMNTS that these three disruptors have a significant opportunity to shake up accounts payable processes thanks to the impact they have on data. According to Lansdowne-Higgins, among the biggest challenges in accounts payable today is the data silos.

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How AR-AP Connectivity Drives B2B Collaboration


Cash is king, and today, cash flow management is an imperative function for large corporations and small businesses — many of which continue to struggle with the market volatility and business disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Xero, Transferwise Team For SMB Cash Flow.

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Helping CFOs Put The Back Office On Auto Pilot


Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology has introduced a whole host of ways to help corporate finance teams from accounts payable (AP) to accounts receivable (AR) recover hours lost to what has traditionally been manual tasks.

Atradius Reports: Top US Firms Take Longest Time To Pay B2B Invoices In A Decade


companies are holding back payments to their suppliers for longer than at any point in the past decade,” the publication stated, “a push that is helping them keep more cash on hand that otherwise would be tied up in their businesses.” Analysts pointed to rising costs of borrowing as one driver behind businesses’ decision to withhold cash from their vendors. The U.K.

How Pairing Off Helps B2B FinTechs Stay Focused And Meet SMEs’ Demands


With FinTech innovators finally starting to give B2B solutions the attention they have longed for, there are now troves of platforms companies can access, from expense management to cash flow forecasting to supplier management. But that meant business customers had limited visibility when making those payments, he said, forcing accounts payables executives to pay an invoice without all of the necessary data to ensure the invoice was accurate and approved.

JPMorgan: Using Transaction Data To Help Merchants Optimize Cash Flow


The second is transaction timing, which can make sure that the customer actually has sufficient funds in their account at the time of payment authorization. Taking The Headache Out Of Cash Flow Forecasting.

How Excel Spreadsheets Can Create a Data Security Risk for Businesses


As a business owner or chief financial officer (CFO), spreadsheets may be an important part of your financial forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes. Over 750 million people use the application, and 63% of businesses say they rely on the tool heavily for their accounting needs.

Finance vs. Accounting

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The terms “finance” and “accounting” are often used interchangeably. There are, however, very real differences between finance and accounting. How to Define Finance vs. Accounting. Finance is categorized as strategic while accounting is much more tactical.

Internal Controls

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This person learns all the ins and outs of the accounting system and everything else about the business. Also, although the company was profitable, it wasn’t building any cash balances. Significant Findings and Recommendations: Internal Controls – Cash Operations.

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HighRadius Launches AI Cash Forecasting Tool


Corporate treasury technology company HighRadius is rolling out a new cash flow forecasting solution developed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company announced its AI-Based Cash Forecasting Cloud solution in a press release Tuesday (April 30), saying the new solution will provide corporate treasurers with real-time forecasting functionality without the need for manual data integration.

Computer Retailer – Accounting Methods

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Confusion over cash-versus-accrual reporting creates continuing questions for business owners. The business’ part-time CFO was providing financials that didn’t match the reports they received from their accountant. Significant Findings and Recommendations: Cash Flow Shortage.

JPMC: Why Working-Capital Trade Finance Is On The Rise


Morgan Global Head of Trade Structured Solutions James Fraser explained how some corporates’ healthier cash positions this time around have fostered an environment of cooperation and support throughout supply chains.

J.P. Morgan: Treasurers Are Critical To Helping Firms Plan For Business Resiliency


Just as with business continuity strategies, developing a resiliency plan must include an enterprise-wide scope and take into account the many unknowns that create only one certainty: Volatility will continue.

How Faster Payments Can Show Future Of SMB Cash Flow


Advances in data integration and automation have taken small- to medium-sized business (SMB) accounting to the next level. Yet despite improvements in accounting software, cash flow management remains a headache that threatens the very existence of many companies.

How Bookkeeping Capitalizes On Young, Digital-First SMBs


This leads to the second challenge: “No business owner has ever said, ‘I can’t wait to buy more accounting software,'” said Daher. An entrepreneur who opens a coffee shop or launches a FinTech startup isn’t in business to crunch numbers and file taxes.

Bridging The Accounting Gap For Lessors And Lessees


The International Accounting Standards Board introduced a significant overhaul to lease accounting standards , and while the changes went into effect at the start of 2019, corporates continue to face challenges to adhere to the standards and remain compliant. Cash Flow (Un)Certainty.

What is a 12 Month Rolling Forecast?

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A rolling 12-month forecast projects financial performance over a 12-month time horizon using the “add/drop” approach to forecasting. A rolling forecast model is a dynamic and advantageous way to plan in an ever-changing business environment. Advantages of a rolling forecast.

Diving Into The ‘Check-Replacement Cycle’


There are also providers that offer techniques to help with cash-flow forecasting for treasury departments. After all, faster payments impact cash flow, too. When asked why B2B has lagged so much in moving away from checks, and toward more streamlined ways of paying suppliers and vendors, Diegelman said corporate accounts payable and receivable systems “work pretty well in a paper-check and paper-remittance model.”

Investors Back Different Points Of The Procure-To-Pay Ecosystem


million fundraise for Finland’s Enterpay will help the accounts payable solution provider strengthen its position in the European B2B eCommerce market. million Series A funding round for cash-flow forecasting solution Cashforce , the companies said this week. It was a week of (mostly) Series A funding rounds for B2B FinTech firms, as startups secured new funding to tackle various parts of the broader business-to-business (B2B) payment process.

Workspace Sharing Entices B2B Venture Capital Dollars


California’s Tesorio , a FinTech startup enabling business users to automate and predict cash flow, announced $10 million in fresh funding, led by Madrona Venture Group. Reports noted that so far, Tesorio has processed $56 billion in payments and 10 million invoices, using that data to forecast cash flow. based B2B startups took control of the funding reins this week, with five of the seven newly-funded technology firms based stateside.

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Treasury Finds Itself At Home In FinTech


The more payment, cash management, cash flow forecasting, ERP and other digital platforms integrated, the more difficult it can be for a company to envision its own financial health across all of this data. The more data at a treasurer’s fingertips, the more accurate she or he is able to pinpoint a company’s cash position — and go further. And all of that data, from risk management to accounts payable platforms, have created silos.

ERP and EPM Systems – Better Together


Accounts payable. Accounts receivable and collections management. Treasury and cash management. General ledger accounting. This includes basic financial statements, such as the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. Orchestrating and managing a rolling forecast process. Let’s take a look at how an EPM suite handles some of these processes – starting with budgeting, planning, and forecasting.