Regional Banks Guide Corporates To Future-Proof Accounts Payable


Accounts payable (AP) teams and other financial functions of the enterprise were some of the hardest hit by the disruption caused by the global pandemic. “Companies are increasingly looking to more efficiently manage the accounts payable process,” he said.

Palmarius Debuts Accounts Payable Tool


Cost containment solution provider Palmarius Advisors is rolling out an accounts payable (AP) automation solution designed to generate revenue and enhance spend control for corporate users. In a press release issued Tuesday (July 2), Palmarius Advisors announced that its AP solution provides automated reconciliation and increased security to mitigate the risk of fraud while simplifying accounts payable transactions.


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Use accounts payables automation to keep your processes in the ‘safe zone’

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Accounts Payable is responsible for so much more than just paying incoming bills and invoices, particularly given today's global challenges. The post Use accounts payables automation to keep your processes in the ‘safe zone’ appeared first on FutureCFO.

Unifying procurement and accounts payable

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There are specialists handling accounts payables, accounts receivables, performing reconciliation, financial planning and analysis, etc. In the case of procurement and accounts payable (AP), this rings especially true.

Tipalti Bolsters Accounts Payable Platform With AI-Powered Pi


To make the complete payables process smarter, global payables automation company Tipalti unveiled its Tipalti Pi integrated payables intelligence engine, according to a press release. B2B Payments accounts payable B2B News Tipalti Tipalti Pi What's Hot In B2B

A ‘Payment-Agnostic’ Approach To Accounts Payable


The competition is heating up between payment technologies in accounts payable, with ACH and virtual cards seeing significant pushes in the B2B payments space to combat the dreaded paper check. Such illustrates the importance of accounts payable being “payment agnostic,” according to Richard Jackman, president and CEO of B2B payments technology firm ePayRails.

Convincing Accounts Payable To Be Hands-Off With Supplier Payments


With so many payment rails – and with buyers and suppliers in so many different places on their digital transformation journeys – how can a company’s accounts payable department ensure that vendor relationships remain strong, while navigating differing payment needs? “Accounts payable users have to deal with separate apps and separate processes, but there is no need for such overlap.”

What Separates Top Accounts Payable Performers From The Rest


New research suggests a vast divide between businesses that have embraced technology and electronic processes in the accounts payable department and businesses that instead prefer to retain those paper invoices and checks. According to researchers, straight-through processing (STP) is a “cornerstone” of top performance in the accounts payable departments. Amid talk of enterprise digitization, discussions about paper invoices and checks persist.

Amex Takes Another Step In Accounts Payable With RegalPay


American Express is continuing its ongoing efforts to encourage businesses to pay suppliers with commercial cards in its latest accounts payable partnership. The businesses dubbed their collaboration RegalPay Payables Automation with American Express, emphasizing it is a largely out-of-the-box offering that seamlessly links into the RegalPay accounts payable system.

Visa Links Issuers To CSI globalVCard For Accounts Payable


CSI globalVCard said Tuesday (May 9) that it struck a partnership with Visa to integrate Visa Payables Automation into the CSI globalVCard pay system Payables platform, enabling issuers of Visa cards to link their own corporate customers to the combined accounts payable offerings of both Visa and CSI globalVCard. The tools support reconciliation, instant card issuance through CSI globalVCard’s mobile app, spend control and other AP technologies.

Speed Finds Opportunity In B2B Payments Beyond Accounts Payable


SMBs using the WePay platform can now see funds deposited into their Chase bank accounts the same day without extra fees, a feature resulting from JPMorgan ’s acquisition of WePay in late-2017. The Yardi Bill Pay solution, powered by Mastercard’s virtual cards, benefits suppliers by providing faster payments and reconciliation tools to ensure a seamless experience for all parties,” said Mastercard Senior Vice President, Business Development, U.S.,

OneStream Launches Automated Account Reconciliation


OneStream , which specializes in corporate performance management (CPM) for companies, has a new program that promises to speed up the time it takes to reconcile accounts, according to a press release.

Billtrust, Priority Streamline B2B Payments Reconciliation


Order-to-cash solutions provider Billtrust has added Priority Commercial Payments to its Business Payments Network (BPN) to streamline B2B payments reconciliation, the companies said in a press release this week. Accounts payable automation and payment processing firm Priority will connect to businesses within BPN to support streamlined reconciliation of transactions that flow through the platform, supporting the journey toward touchless accounts payable and reconciliation processes.

Deep Dive: Why Costly, Slow Invoice Reconciliation Is Hurting Firms? And Freelancers? Finances


Freelancers have seen particularly harsh economic effects from the ongoing pandemic. Forty percent of those in the U.S. have lost at least $10,000 in income since its onset, leaving many operating on fast-declining savings. The nation

Webjet Launches Blockchain-As-A-Service For B2B Hotel Reconciliation


Travel booking company Webjet , based in Australia, has launched a blockchain solution for the hotel industry to manage reconciliation in hotel distribution. Reports in ZDNet said Webjet’s Blockchain-as-a-Service platform Rezchain deploys smart contracts to ensure hotel companies are able to reconcile accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP), and has just signed agreements with four travel brands to use the tool.

Goldman Sachs Adds Global Payments To SAP Ariba


In addition, the deal will allow better reconciliation of payments with the matching invoices. B2B Payments accounts payable Ariba Network B2B buyer supplier cross-border payments Goldman Sachs News reconciliation SAP supplier payments What's Hot In B2B

SAP 83

Harnessing ERP Software And AP Automation’s Combined Power


Many are turning to enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools with accounts payable (AP) automation to harness both solutions’ abilities and level up their businesses’ values.

Oracle: Overcoming ERP-AP Integration Inertia


For the accounts payable (AP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) automation space, it’s no longer business as usual.

Finding The Tech-Human Balance In B2B Payment Optimization


Now, with electronic processes in place in accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) departments, businesses are in a more strategic position than ever before to elevate workflows and strengthen B2B relationships.

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How AP Can Tip The Scales In Favor Of Virtual Cards


Recent months have seen corporate payment heavyweights investing further into encouraging that change, often promoting the use of virtual cards, driving momentum for a payment technology that can tackle multiple points of friction in accounts payable (AP) at once. Virtual cards, on the other hand, do not require the full funds to be in the sender’s account at the time of payment, and vendors are not penalized if the sender cannot pay off the bill.

AP Automation: The Three ‘P’s’ Of Standing Out In The Crowd


With B2B payments being an increasingly attractive target for innovators, the landscape is growing crowded as more banks and FinTechs roll out their accounts payable (AP) automation solutions. B2B Payments accounts payable B2B Banks Comdata Featured News FinTech News podcast Podcasts

The Benefits Of Virtual Cards For B2B Payments


Virtual cards can improve accounts payable (AP) processes, benefiting both buyers and suppliers by streamlining day-to-day payments, and providing greater control over cash flows. The cards are also linked to checking or other payment accounts, and expire at designated times.

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AP Automation And ERP Growing In Tandem


For its manifold uses, ERP is particularly valuable as an accounting solution. Accounts Payable accounts payable AP automation bottomline technologies ERP News Next-Gen AP Automation Tracker

With Paper Checks Pushed Out, What's Next For B2B Payments?


For years — decades, even — B2B payment leaders and innovators had been talking about the digitization of corporate payments within accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) departments.

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Today In B2B: ERPs Broaden B2B Payments Capabilities; Bloomberg Broadens Credit Risk Data Pool


Palette Software has connected its accounts payable (AP) automation cloud technology with Aptean ERP , according to a Monday (Nov. With APS ClickToPay, companies can have customer invoices paid directly to accounts receivable.

Deep Dive: AP Processing Delays And How New Payment Innovations Can Help


Such legacy payment methods are usually tied to paper-based invoices and manual tracking and reconciliation procedures, which impede payments from being processed in a timely manner.

Regal Software Introduces Bank-Branded B2B Payables


Community banks and regional banks will be able to immediately offer a platform under their own brands, enabling their business clients to automate their accounts payable (AP) through the RegalPay One application without making a large technology investment, according to the announcement.

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Seller Platforms And Digital Marketplaces Define B2B Payments For 2021


Accounts payable (AP) departments were no longer in the office to cut paper checks, and accounts receivable (AR) personnel were no longer in the office to receive them.

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B2B Tech Seeks To Connect Buyers And Suppliers Amid Market Volatility


This week's roundup of the convergence of accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) takes a look at how B2B payments solution providers are considering both buyers and suppliers as a result of the pandemic.

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Back Office Is Front And Center In Optimization Wave


Back office modernization is in the spotlight like never before, and solutions that streamline accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) functions are in high demand. Platforms Streamlining Mass Payables. How big of a problem is manual data entry and processing?

Citi: Accelerated Digital Migration Provides Insights Into B2B Behavior


But when digital channels account for half of an organization’s overall sales, the data is too valuable for treasurers to ignore. Accounts Receivable accounts payable accounts receivable cash flow management Citigroup data analytics digital shift Featured News News treasury

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How Virtual Cards Bring Greater Flexibility And Data To Healthcare Payments


Most companies in other industries have simpler accounts payable (AP) responsibilities because they only need to make B2B payments to several dozen regular vendors, but claims processors do not have that same certainty and stability.

Virtual Cards Drive Consumerization Of B2B Payments


With employees seeking to use company cash in the same way they make purchases in their personal lives, T&E has experienced rapid consumerization of workflows compared to other areas of B2B payments, like accounts payable (AP).

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To Modernize B2B Payments, Break Down The Silos Between AP And AR


In the bid to modernize B2B payments , accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) need to work together. Bloh said that direct connectivity can enable real-time confirmation of invoice information and real-time reconciliation of payments, among other activities.

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The Economic – And Ergonomic – Value Of Commercial Card Optimization


Often at the center of this initiative is the accounts payable (AP) department — and unsurprisingly for these volatile times, the strategy can turn toward lengthening the days payable outstanding (DPO).