The Value of Data-Driven Cash Flow Forecasting


To survive and thrive in the current corporate environment, you need to have more financial data than the competition. The goal is to gather the necessary information to forecast your cash flow quickly, correctly, and frequently. financial forecasting

Making the Move: Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times


With less cash to count on, knowing your cash flow position with cash flow forecasting has never been more important: how much is really in the bank, how much is available on short notice, what revenues are coming in when, and what resources are going out and when.


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Cash Flow Forecasting: The Key to Future-Proof Your Business for 2022


Understanding the financial health of your organization as it stands today and measuring the strength of your cash position is critical. Cash flow forecasting provides that much needed insight and is the most effective way to start future-proofing your business for the year ahead.

Forecasting on a House of Cards: Why You Need Synchronized Financial Statements for Cash Flow Forecasting


Dynamic market conditions may not be anything new but navigating the current business environment and its unprecedented unpredictability has shined a spotlight on just how critical cash flow forecasting is to an organization. financial forecasting

Why Cash Flow Is Vital for SMBs


You’ve probably heard the phrase that cash is king. However, as a small business owner, you might not realize all the ways in which cash can impact your organization for the long haul. If you want your business to stay profitable, careful cash flow management is vital.

How Excel Spreadsheets Can Create a Data Security Risk for Businesses


As a business owner or chief financial officer (CFO), spreadsheets may be an important part of your financial forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes. While these changes are usually made with good intentions, they can lead to significant accountability and data integrity issues.

A Buyer’s Guide for the Top 10 FP&A Software 2022

The Finance Weekly

FP&A software assists CFOs, finance leaders, and FP&A experts in ensuring the financial health of their organization by tracking and analyzing current outcomes and forecasting future performance. Data source agnostic. Data warehouse. Historical data tracking.

Why Financial Forecasting Is More Important Than Your Annual Budget


But times have changed – which is why financial forecasting is more important than your annual budget. They’re focused less on benchmarking current performance to the predicted budget and instead want to leverage real-time data to understand what the future looks like.

Plan for Today to Better Prepare for Tomorrow: Rolling Budgets & Rolling Forecasts


Implementing rolling budgeting, rolling financial forecasting, and mid-year forecasts. Fortunately, software tools can help minimize the time and resources required, helping companies get the data they need with less frustration. financial forecasting