Finance vs. Accounting

CFO Simplified

Cash flow forecasting. A seasoned CFO will address how well a business earns and spends its cash. . A company’s financial performance only gets better by making operational changes to drive improvement in the bottom line. Receiving and posting cash.

3 Steps to Kickstart Your Business

CFO Simplified

Financial review. Financial Review. Create a cash flow forecast. It’s no secret that cash flow management is a top concern for any type of business. Assure that they’re as strong financially as they were when you first started working with them. .


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Checks, Data Sharing Limits Force B2B FinTechs To Find A Workaround


Analytics technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics process automation (RPA) turned cash flow forecasting into more of a science than it’s ever been. Of course, at the heart of this advancement is increased access to detailed financial data, but it’s not easy for everyone. Small businesses (SMBs) in particular can have trouble not only gaining access to their financial data, but also making sense of it.

A Buyer’s Guide for the Top 10 FP&A Software 2022

The Finance Weekly

FP&A software assists CFOs, finance leaders, and FP&A experts in ensuring the financial health of their organization by tracking and analyzing current outcomes and forecasting future performance. Strategic financial planning. Ideal for complex financial budgets and plans.

Mastercard In Control Integrates With MineralTree


The companies will offer the integrated solution to financial institutions (FIs) so they can link their own corporate customers to the platform, the press release explained, adding that the technology can help businesses convert paper checks to virtual cards. “MineralTree, integrated with Mastercard, is a great way for financial institutions to offer a product to their clients that eliminates the friction of everyday accounts payable, while driving working capital benefits.”