Wed.Nov 23, 2022

Geopolitical tensions to continue shaping 2023 economy: S&P Global

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Unresolved global conflicts and likely recessions in several markets will shape economic policies in 2023, a survey said

Ancestry CEO Deb Liu Says Women Need to Reframe Their Relationship to Power

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Deb Liu is CEO of Ancestry, the $5 billion genealogy platform, and the author of Take Back Your Power: 10 New Rules for Women at Work.

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SEC charges Goldman Sachs with ESG policy failures

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The Securities and Exchange Commission has pledged to crack down on companies involved in finance and other sectors that overstate their commitment to sustainability, or so-called greenwashing

Duncan Burgess, Global Finance Director

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Duncan Burgess’ “number one passion” in his role is people. You could put in the best process and/or technological solutions, but if people in the business and finance team don’t believe in it or understand it, it’ll fail.”. “So,

The CFO Playbook: How to Decrease Costs & Increase Engagement

Learn how to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing employee morale.

Labor market tightness unaffected by unemployment uptick

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Labor market conditions likely remain untouched despite a recent rise in unemployment claims prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, with labor demand still outpacing supply

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World Cup offers stage for payments tech

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While one card network giant has grabbed center stage at the World Cup event in Qatar, other payments companies have landed bit roles too

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Consumer Sentiment Remained Weak in November

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The final November results from the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers show overall consumer sentiment declined for the month, holding near historically low levels (see first chart). The composite consumer sentiment decreased to 56.8 in November, down from 59.9 in October.

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Duncan Burgess, Global Finance Director

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Duncan Burgess’ “number one passion” in his role is people. You could put in the best process and/or technological solutions, but if people in the business and finance team don’t believe in it or understand it, it’ll fail.”. “So,

Citigroup, Manchester United, Nordstrom, Tesla and more

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Check out the companies making headlines in midday trading Wednesday: Citigroup — The stock dropped 2.3% after Citigroup was told it must address weaknesses in its management of financial data by U.S. banking regulators.

Listen Live: $40 Billion Bank Transforms Their Month-End Close

Speaker: Nancy Wu, Head of Sales and Customer Success at SkyStem & Jonna Wall, Financial Analyst at Pinnacle Financial Partners

This session features Jonna Wall, Financial Analyst of Pinnacle Financial Partners, a publicly traded financial institution based in Nashville, TN, that holds over 40B in assets. Join us as we discuss the Bank’s journey to become more efficient during month-end close to spur growth!

15% Yield Was Never Credible

The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz, Ritholtz Wealth Management Chairman & CIO and “Masters in Business” Bloomberg Radio & Podcast Host, discusses crypto contagion and the volatile price swings in bitcoin. Yield Hogs Are Always Problematic. ?. ? ?. Source: Bloomberg.


Hong Kong Law on Trial

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The long-awaited trial of Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai on national security charges is supposed to begin Dec. 1 in Hong Kong. The latest news is that the government objects to Mr. Lai’s choice of a British lawyer to represent him, King’s Counsel Timothy Owen. The objection underscores how the government tries to stack the deck against anyone it dislikes. One of Hong Kong’s attractions as a financial center has been that foreign lawyers and judges from common-law jurisdictions are welcome.

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Establishing Solo 401(k) Plans For Self-Employed Workers: Options, Contribution Limits, Deadlines, And More!

Nerd's Eye View

Among the several different types of retirement plans that are available to self-employed workers, solo 401(k) plans can offer the most flexibility and the ability to contribute the highest amount of tax-advantaged savings.

Retailers’ Holiday Discounts Are Steeper This Year, CFOs Say

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Retail finance chiefs are entering the busiest shopping season of the year with declining profit margins as their companies offer more discounts to compete for sales and clear out excess stock. . Profit margins in the sector have shrunk in recent months due to a mix of high inflation, excess inventory and growing expectations from consumers for price reductions. Among retailers in the S&P 500 that reported financial results through Nov.

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AFP FP&A Guide: Scenario Planning

Inflexible budgets break; scenario planning is a complementary, structured approach to creating flexibility in planning and operations. This guide presents practical, actionable steps to integrate scenario planning into y

The clean hydrogen opportunity for hydrocarbon-rich countries

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Hydrogen could play an important role in helping hard-to-abate sectors meet climate targets. Countries with hydrocarbon resources and industry expertise can help build and scale the needed technology. Oil & Gas Insights Oil & Natural Gas

Key Institutional Crypto Player, Genesis, on Verge of Failure; Possibility of “Apocalyptic” Bitcoin Liquidation

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Due to the fact that your humble blogger is not feeling so hot, forgive me for giving you a thin treatment of the wobbles and likely-looking collapse of a key crypto concern, Genesis. However, two excellent tweetstorms cover most of the key ground, and I will direct you to them shortly.

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

The Big Picture

My mid-week morning train WFH reads: • Eight key takeaways from 20 years of SPIVA data : Most active managers underperform most of the time. This conclusion originally came from examining U.S. mutual fund performance net of fees. Gross of fees, most active managers underperform most of the time.

Job Description For Nonprofit Finance Director

The Charity CFO

The finance director role is critical to the success of any nonprofit, making it one of the most important hires an organization can make. They are responsible for the financial health of the organization.

Successful Change Management with Enterprise Risk Management

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of ERM Services

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

16+ Best NetSuite Integrations: Your 2023 Guide

Cube Software

NetSuite is a business management software suite for organizations of all sizes. It offers a wide range of functionality, including accounting support, customer relationship management (CRM), financial software , inventory management, order management, and more. FP&A Tools

Why intangibles are the key to faster growth in Europe

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Globally, high-growth companies invest more in intangibles, such as brand, skills, and knowledge. European companies could fuel greater growth with the same strategy. Growth, Marketing & Sales Insights Marketing & Sales Digital strategy and organization Growth Innovation

Asia Pacific outlook stable except China: Moody’s 

Future CFO

Asia Pacific outlook for rated nonfinancial companies is stable with still-solid, though slowing, growth and supportive domestic business conditions, said Moody’s recently.

Batteries included: Building and operating sustainable gigafactories

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

As the demand for electric vehicles grows, so does the demand for the batteries to power them. Meeting that demand will require more gigafactories to be built at speed and scale. Insights on Operations Energy, Resources & Materials Manufacturing Operations

The Emerging Spend Management Sector: Simplifying Your Accounting Processes

Speaker: Spencer Falbo, Principal at Kong Basile Consulting

In this webinar, Spencer Falbo, principal at Kong Basile Consulting will teach you how Spend Management can help to automate many of your processes, making your job as an accountant more efficient.

Author Talks: An investor’s guide to the net-zero transition

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Investor and Columbia Business School professor Bruce Usher explains the investment opportunities that will arise as demand for climate solutions propels business into a new era of sustainability. McKinsey on Books Investments Climate change