Tue.Aug 09, 2022

Inflation anxiety hits highest level since 1979: NFIB

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Small businesses flagged several reasons for pessimism beyond price pressures, including a tight labor market and crimped supply chains, NFIB found in a survey

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Inflation spiral seen breaking in July, helped by lower energy prices

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People shop in a supermarket as inflation affected consumer prices in New York City, June 10, 2022. Andrew Kelly | Reuters. Inflation may finally be cooling, thanks to falling gasoline prices and fading supply chain issues.

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AMC Networks promotes CFO to CEO, names new finance chief

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Patrick O’Connell is joining AMC as CFO while the current finance chief moves up the ladder

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How to Qualify for SBA Working Capital Loans

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Did you know that this month, the Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that they are no longer accepting applications about requests for an increase of an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)?

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AFP FP&A Guide: Scenario Planning

Inflexible budgets break; scenario planning is a complementary, structured approach to creating flexibility in planning and operations. This guide presents practical, actionable steps to integrate scenario planning into y

IFF CFO sees ‘meaningful’ cost increases next year

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International Flavors & Fragrances’s CFO said the ingredient maker is rethinking contracts as part of its effort to combat inflation

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REIT Tanger continues CFO hunt, highlights ESG

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Two months after announcing the abrupt departure of James Williams, REIT Tanger is continuing its CFO search

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I Bonds vs. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

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Rising inflation headlines got you on edge? Or maybe you’re already feeling the rising costs on your budget. You’re not alone. A lot of people are worried about inflation these days, and for good reason. There are a couple of different ways you can try to protect yourself from inflation.

ERP Systems for Pharma Companies

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Quality control in the pharma industry has become more stringent over the past few years, making enterprise resource planning (ERP) software—like SAP for life sciences —almost a necessity

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Jumpstarting Growth By Showing Up Differently (Digitally)

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Executive Summary. Welcome back to the 293rd episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast ! My guest on today’s podcast is Anna N’Jie-Konte.

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Successful Change Management with Enterprise Risk Management

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of ERM Services

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

Where delegation fails: Five things only the enterprise CEO can do to build new businesses

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Business building is increasingly important for company resilience, and CEOs are uniquely suited for the job. Here are five tasks that CEOs can undertake to build successful new businesses. Digital Insights Digital Growth Innovation Leadership

How Airline Regulations Hurt Passengers

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Reprinted from the Foundation for Economic Education. If you’ve been anywhere near an airport in the last two years, you’ve probably gathered that things in the airline industry have changed.

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#FA Success Ep 293: Jumpstarting Growth By Showing Up Differently Where Prospects Are (Digitally) Concentrated, With Anna N’Jie-Konte

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Welcome back to the 293rd episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast ! My guest on today's podcast is Anna N’Jie-Konte.

Worried About Your Equifax Credit Score? Here’s What to Do

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Earlier this year, Equifax sent lenders inaccurate credit scores for millions of would-be borrowers over a three-week period. Now, many who applied for home or other loans at the time are scrambling to determine whether the mistake affected them. . The information that credit-reporting firms such as Equifax add into consumers’ credit reports includes the types of financial accounts consumers have, the ones they open and close, their payment history and more.

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The Emerging Spend Management Sector: Simplifying Your Accounting Processes

Speaker: Spencer Falbo, Principal at Kong Basile Consulting

In this webinar, Spencer Falbo, principal at Kong Basile Consulting will teach you how Spend Management can help to automate many of your processes, making your job as an accountant more efficient.

Making financial services available to the masses through AI

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

WeBank CFO Arthur Wang discusses how the company balances innovation, technology, and compliance to move itself forward. Insights on Financial Services Banking China

U.S. Sanctions Crypto Platform Tornado Cash, Says It Laundered Billions

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The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on a major cryptocurrency platform, accusing it of laundering billions of dollars in virtual currency, including $455 million allegedly stolen by North Korean hackers. Monday’s action against Tornado Cash, a so-called mixer platform that enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies with relative anonymity, is another salvo by the Biden administration against the burgeoning blockchain financial markets.

Four ways to achieve pricing excellence in retail marketplaces

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Sellers typically control what retail marketplaces charge for their products, but retailers have options to keep pricing competitive—and customers loyal. Growth, Marketing & Sales Insights Customer experience & loyalty Pricing Sales

Was That the Bounce?

The Reformed Broker

Join Downtown Josh Brown and Michael Batnick for another round of What Are Your Thoughts? On this week’s episode, Josh and Michael discuss the biggest topics in investing and finance, including: ?Was Was that it? – Epic bounce. Stopped at Vix 20 and reversed. Pattern still holds. ?Expecting

Pivot in Minutes: How Rolling Forecasts Can Tackle Disruptions

Lime Light

Think back to the not-so-distant past, January 2020. The economy was looking up and things were going great financially for your business. Projections were all very positive for the upcoming year and you were happy about that.

Clips From Today’s Halftime Report

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Final Trades: Goldman Sachs, Intl. Flavors & more from CNBC. The post Clips From Today’s Halftime Report appeared first on The Reformed Broker


FCF Biotech Venture Capital Monitor – USA 06/2022 published

Fox Corporate Finance

FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH is delighted to publish the new “FCF Biotech Venture Capital Monitor – USA 06/2022”. The Monitor is a monthly published overview of venture capital trends in the US-Biotech sector. Read more.

YES BANK and IBSFINtech tie up to provide enhanced digital services for corporate clients


Mumbai, August 9, 2022: YES BANK and IBSFINtech, the leading TreasuryTech Solution provider, have teamed up to explore untapped opportunities emerging out of digitization of corporate finance.

FCF Biotech Venture Capital Monitor – USA 06/2022 published

Fox Corporate Finance

FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH is delighted to publish the new “FCF Biotech Venture Capital Monitor – USA 06/2022”. The Monitor is a monthly published overview of venture capital trends in the US-Biotech sector. Read more.

One CEO’s journey to becoming a business builder

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

In this interview, Patrick Hylton, CEO of NCB Financial Group, shares his experience launching a digital mobile-payments business and what it takes to succeed. Digital Insights Financial Services Digital strategy and organization Innovation Growth Leadership

Effective ESG Leadership: A Competitive Advantage That’s Tough to Beat

Embark With Us

ESG represents one of those rare seismic events that reshape the business landscape. It's plate tectonics of the corporate kind, or at least will be once the regulatory dust settles. And although we can't say with absolute certainty exactly how everything will look five or ten years from now, we have an extremely good idea of what companies need to do to prepare. reporting data & analytics Risk & Controls

Author Talks: 25 million … and counting

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Despite life-threatening circumstances, refugees are some of the most entrepreneurial people in the world. Andrew Leon Hanna knows why. McKinsey on Books Geopolitics Emerging Markets

People moves: Xinjiang Goldwind, Fabchem China

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Hong Kong-listed Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., announced recently the appointment of Wang Hongyan as CFO. Wang, aged 51, held previously senior positions at different companies, according to Xinjiang Goldwin.

Thinking differently about talent in a tighter labor market

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

In such a tight hiring market, companies need more emphasis on retaining and developing their own employees, writes McKinsey Global Institute director Kweilin Ellingrud in Forbes. MGI in the News

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

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Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best. HOW TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS PREPARE FOR A POSSIBLE RECESSION. Something’s coming—we just don’t know what.”.

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