Mon.Sep 26, 2022

Proactis presents Proactis Rego

Generation CFO

Proactis, the leading Source-to-Pay software solution provider, has introduced Proactis Rego, a powerful Source-to-Pay software platform specifically designed for mid-market organisations.

Proactis presents Proactis Rego

CFO News Room

Proactis, the leading Source-to-Pay software solution provider, has introduced Proactis Rego, a powerful Source-to-Pay software platform specifically designed for mid-market organisations.


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Mobile workforce guidelines for contractors

CFO Dive

What are the best methods for compliance and cost reduction of a mobile workforce

Raising Advisor Standards Can Lower Costs & Increase Access

CFO News Room

Executive Summary. In a now-famous 1970 paper, economist George Akerlof used the market for used cars to demonstrate the negative effects that can occur when there are significant information asymmetries between buyers and sellers of a good or service.

CFO 130

The CFO Playbook: How to Decrease Costs & Increase Engagement

Learn how to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing employee morale.

5 steps to reinforce the reputation of your tax function

CFO Dive

How tax practitioners can restore and reinforce the often overlooked tax department

CFO 130

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Improve Business Intelligence Performance

Navigator SAP

Businesses use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, such as SAP ERP for small business entities, to analyze, gather and share data insights between integral teams.

SAP 130

PG&E, Lyft, Las Vegas Sands, more

CFO News Room

Check out the companies making headlines before the bell: Planet Fitness — Shares of the gym franchise jumped nearly 3% in premarket trading after Raymond James upgraded the stock to strong buy from market perform.

Value Creation

The Reformed Broker

All of the value creation for investors comes from the actions they take in falling markets, not rising ones.

Britain’s Sketchy Growth Plan Is Scarier Than Its Bond Vigilantes

CFO News Room

The expansive, expensive economic policy of new U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss has revived fears of “bond vigilantes.” But the turmoil in financial markets may have more to do with the plan’s unclear return on investment than its hefty borrowing requirements. On Monday, sterling dropped to a record low against the U.S. dollar in overnight trading before rebounding slightly. Investors already expected Ms.

Listen Live: $40 Billion Bank Transforms Their Month-End Close

Speaker: Nancy Wu, Head of Sales and Customer Success at SkyStem & Jonna Wall, Financial Analyst at Pinnacle Financial Partners

This session features Jonna Wall, Financial Analyst of Pinnacle Financial Partners, a publicly traded financial institution based in Nashville, TN, that holds over 40B in assets. Join us as we discuss the Bank’s journey to become more efficient during month-end close to spur growth!

10 Monday AM Reads

The Big Picture

My back-to-work morning train WFH reads: • What is the Fed Doing? Don’t fight the Fed used to be a positive slogan. That’s not the case anymore. If anything, it feels like the Fed wants to fight us, all of us, including the stock market and the economy.

Getting Along with a Biased Tormentor

CFO News Room

AMY GALLO: I’m Amy Gallo, and this is Getting Along , a series where I help a guest and you and everyone else listening learn to work with anyone, even difficult people. By difficult, I mean rude, unprofessional, or hostile – bad behavior that wears us down. No one should have to grin and bear it. Change is possible, but the answer isn’t to suppress our emotions or hope the problem person leaves. Neither is retaliating or shaming them.

CFO 100

How the Digital Solutions Economy is Impacting the Transportation Sector


This new episode in our ongoing series on the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE) provides an overview of how DSE is impacting the transportation industry. Previous episodes in this series include DSE in the Medical Device industry , DSE in Utilities industry , and DSE in the Energy Sector. Overview.

A Gore-Kerry Political Climate Hit

CFO News Room

When Al Gore, John Kerry and the New York Times gang up on someone, you know a political hit is on. That’s what happened last week to World Bank President David Malpass, for the sin of not turning the international lending institution into an arm of Democratic Party policy on climate change. Mr. Gore started the pile-on by claiming that Mr. Malpass is a “climate denier.” For today’s political left, that charge is an undefined, all-purpose smear intended to banish you from polite company.

CFO 100

AFP FP&A Guide: Scenario Planning

Inflexible budgets break; scenario planning is a complementary, structured approach to creating flexibility in planning and operations. This guide presents practical, actionable steps to integrate scenario planning into y

Postuniversitaire opleiding Curatoren & Vereffenaars: inschrijven kan nog

Corporate Finance Lab

De avondopleiding Curator-Vereffenaar van KU Leuven en UAntwerpen in nauw overleg met de Ondernemingsrechtbanken is intussen een vaste waarde. In oktober start een nieuwe editie van deze postuniversitaire opleiding. Het betreft opnieuw een dubbele editie die van start gaat in Kortrijk en Brugge en wordt hernomen in Leuven en Antwerpen. MODULE 1: Gerechtelijke reorganisatie Kortrijk: dinsdag 04 oktober 2022, aula B422, 18:00 – 22:00 Leuven: woensdag 12 oktober 2022, aud.

Twitter, Elon Musk Spar Over Legal Preparations as Trial Date Looms

CFO News Room

Twitter and Elon Musk continue to jockey for preliminary legal advantage ahead of a trial on their soured $44 billion marriage, as the presiding judge has signaled she wants to keep the case focused on the contractual agreement between the two sides. With an Oct. 17 trial date in Delaware court approaching , both sides’ legal teams are building their cases through expert reports and sworn testimony.

Uncertain Times: Four Steps to Protect Your Business

Focus CFO

Uncertain Times: Four Steps to Protect Your Business. BY JASON DEAN. Confused about where the economy is headed and what this means to your business? Join the club! Many business owners are: Frustrated by continuing supply chain issues and higher costs.

CFO 83

Italy’s Lurch to the Right Raises Risk of Fossil Gas Lock-In

CFO News Room

Lambert: This was written immediately before the Italian election, but the logic applies now that the “lurch” to the right has taken place. By Stella Levantesi, an Italian climate journalist, photographer, and author. She is the author of the Gaslit series on Desmog. Her main areas of expertise are climate change delay and denial, climate disinformation, climate litigation, and corporate responsibility on the climate crisis. Originally published at DeSmog.

CFO 100

Successful Change Management with Enterprise Risk Management

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of ERM Services

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

Transcript: Steve Case

The Big Picture

? ?. The transcript from this week’s, MiB: Steve Case on AOL, Startups & Venture , is below. You can stream and download our full conversation, including the podcast extras on iTunes , Spotify , Stitcher , Google , Bloomberg , and Acast.

PodChats for FutureCFO: The CFO’s role in M&A and other initiatives

Future CFO

According to S&P Global , APAC M&A activity in Q1 2022 retreated from 2021’s highs, with deal value for the quarter ending at $73.8B, a decline of 44% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) or 18% year-on-year (YoY).

Going Beyond Budgeting With a Better Planning Solution

This year is coming to a close, and for many of us, that means it’s budgeting season. If you dread this time of year and the pressures of budget changes and new demands, you are not alone.

India’s Banking Liquidity slips into Deficit


Authored by Sanket KattiAs per a latest RBI report, on 20/09/2022, Indian banking system witnessed a deficit in liquidity for the first time in the past 40 months owing to various micro as well as macro-economic reasons. Though the RBI did infuse Rs.

The Emerging Spend Management Sector: Simplifying Your Accounting Processes

Speaker: Spencer Falbo, Principal at Kong Basile Consulting

In this webinar, Spencer Falbo, principal at Kong Basile Consulting will teach you how Spend Management can help to automate many of your processes, making your job as an accountant more efficient.

#220 – The Strategic Treasurer Series: Mastering the Hybrid Role (Part 4)

Strategic Treasurer

Episode 220. The Strategic Treasurer Series: Mastering the Hybrid Role (Part 4). This episode is Part 4 of our Strategic Treasurer Series on treasury roles.

The Market For “Lemons” In Financial Advice: How Higher Standards Can Lower Costs And Increase Access To Advice

Nerd's Eye View

In a now-famous 1970 paper, economist George Akerlof used the market for used cars to demonstrate the negative effects that can occur when there are significant information asymmetries between buyers and sellers of a good or service.

Webinar: 2022 Virtual Card Solutions Survey Results | October 11

Strategic Treasurer

2022 Virtual Card Solutions Survey Results. October 11 | 11:00 AM EDT. Register Now. Tuesday, October 11, 2022. 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT. Where. This is an online event. Speakers. Ankush Gupta, Mastercard. Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer. Sponsored By. Hosted By.

Does ESG + ERP Make for a Better Planet?


Human nature dictates that we must sit on a precipice of near destruction until change happens; in which, let’s do nothing until then, right? Brilliant! Enterprise Resource Planning ESG

Finance functions aim for a touchless close

Future CFO

A touchless close is what finance functions want, Gartner said recently. According to survey of 155 finance executives by the advisory firm in February 2022, 55% of respondents aimed for a touchless financial close by 2025.

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