TripActions Adds Integrations For Microsoft, SAP And Others


Among the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with which TripActions Liquid communicates now are NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, SAP and Xero, according to the release.

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What Is the Best ERP System for Manufacturing?

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One of the main success factors for modern enterprises is having access to real-time financial data. This can only be achieved through streamlining the process of collecting, managing, and sharing data in your organization.


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How to Implement an ERP Solution at Your Startup

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Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has become a matter of survival for startups that want to scale fast or involve complex manufacturing operations, as the process efficiencies and data transparency ERP delivers can make or break such businesses.

Why Do I Need ERP If My System Already Works?

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Make Your Data Work Harder and Smarter Basic software goes only so far. A more robust system can do so much more with your data and let you see how data from one application interplays with that from another. A successful business aims to improve and grow.

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ERP Functional Areas of Management

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There are many benefits of cloud ERP systems such as SAP ByDesign, as they are designed with easy-to-use dashboards akin to those consumers use online in their everyday lives. If your workers will be doing their jobs from home permanently, you need to ensure that they have access to data 24/7.

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How to Identify and Reduce "Digital Debt" in Your Finance Systems


As with real world debt, Digital Debt must be serviced with high on-going costs; primarily in the form of low productivity, time-consuming data reconciliation, lack of end-to-end visibility and continuous maintenance updates. Leveraging RISE with SAP.

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Parallel Accounting is a Key Tool for Global Companies with Multiple Reporting Requirements


SAP addresses these challenges through a Parallel Accounting approach that offers flexibility to integrate multiple subsidiaries using either an account-based or a ledger-based approach. and also the status of their overall digital transformation journey and migration to SAP S/4HANA.


Amex, IBM Make B2B Finserv A Mixed Bag For Q2


The year’s second quarter is a mixed bag for the financial firms servicing businesses. IBM missed the mark, Kyriba boasted its growth, and SAP has its S/4HANA solution to thank for a strong quarter. Here’s all the financial data you need to know from some of the largest B2B finance and tech businesses. On the other hand, the data on jobs growth is encouraging and we, like other banks, are benefiting from recent Fed rate hikes.

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The Lasting Impact Of Corporates’ Mistrust Of The Cloud


That skepticism has largely waned, though, with many organizations taking a hybrid approach to cloud solutions and, eventually, entrusting the cloud to store key information like financial data. Mainly, large enterprises that weren’t ready to implement cloud-based ERP systems instead decided to have top providers like Oracle and SAP develop customized, on-premise solutions. Putting financial data in the cloud [could] be perceived as a major security risk.”.

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Looking Ahead at Five Key Trends to Watch in 2022


From Bramasol's perspective as a leading SAP partner creating business management, finance, and compliance solutions for over 25 years, here are five major areas that we are watching closely and helping our clients prepare to deal with in the coming year - and beyond.

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Today In B2B: SBA Releases New PPP Loan Guidance; xSuite Secures Peppol Certification


This time around, the SBA is prioritizing underserved groups such as minority-owned businesses and will only accept applications from community financial institutions during the first two days after its loan portal opens, said Lendio CEO Brock Blake in an article for Forbes.

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How to Simplify Consolidated Financial Statements


Your finance team’s scrambling to gather data from the various business units within the organization, dealing with an overwhelming number of spreadsheets, and creating multiple versions of the same consolidated financial statement to comply with different regulatory bodies. Creating consolidated financial statements, or financials, isn’t an easy task. Manual reconciliation is the most frustrating aspect of creating consolidated financial statements.

ERP Data On The Front Lines Of Blockchain Adoption


For one firm, Finlync , the key to unlocking the potential of blockchain in B2B processes is unlocking the underlying data of that activity. The company announced earlier this month that it has developed what it claims to be the world’s first technology to integrate blockchain into ERP systems like SAP. Being able to transmit this type of data via blockchain would make B2B processes like invoice processing and payments far quicker, the company explained.

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Female finance leaders: These are the practical ways to empower women

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The participants are: Gina McNamara , Chief Financial Officer, SAP Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). Himashi Soriano , Managing Director, APAC, Association for Financial Professionals. Wendy Wang , Group Chief Operating Officer & Group Chief Financial Officer at Tricor.

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Accounting Scandal Hits Oracle Cloud


Oracle has been in a tight race with rivals, like Salesforce and SAP, to provide cloud services to the enterprise. According to reports, the company was hit with a lawsuit by a former senior finance manager accusing the company of manipulating accounting data within its cloud services unit. The suit, filed in San Francisco, alleges Oracle fired the manager, Svetlana Blackburn, for refusing to “fit square data into round holes,” she said in court documents.

How technology is shaping overall business performance

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Rigid data silos have been replaced with more fluid methods of working as technology-enabled collaboration provides a comprehensive, company-wide, real-time overview for agility when plans change.

APIs Ready Manufacturers For The B2B eCommerce Of Tomorrow


Application program interface (API) technology had a standout year in 2019 as a critical component to enabling the open banking business model, unlocking financial data from silos, as well as facilitating seamless data integration and connectivity, to power a range of financial services platforms.

For Improving Financials, Putting Big Data Into Context Is Key


Big Data offers the enterprise a world of opportunity to improve processes and save money. But the aggregation of troves of data points is a monumental task – let alone sorting, analyzing and making sense of that information. The issue, said Alexander Rinke, co-founder and CEO of Big Data company Celonis , is that oftentimes, businesses approach the analytics process by relying on static data points.

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