The old adages that "cash is king" and "you can’t spend profits" still hold true today. But however well-known these sayings might be, it requires a change in mindset to properly implement a cash flow management system that predicts your business's runaway as accurately as possible.

Key to this new mindset is understanding the difference between the Statement of Cash Flows, a historical look at the source and uses of cash, and the Cash Flow Statement, which uses transaction history and forward-looking forecasts to predict cash levels.

Join Wayne Spivak, experienced CFO and corporate finance expert, for an insightful discussion on managing cash flow and company profitability. Attendees will walk away with an in-depth understanding of the following:

  • What is accounting?
  • Your CFO vs. your CPA
  • Statement of Cash Flows vs. Cash Flow Statements, and which one is more important to your business

April 6th, 2023 at 9:30am PST, 12:30pm EST, 5:30pm GMT

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