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NetSuite and Cube: how integrating your ERP and FP&A systems unlocks productivity

Cube Software

Most companies use an ERP to manage their General Ledger (GL). An ERP system , or enterprise resource management system, is a software solution that helps companies manage day-to-day operations like accounting, procurement, HR, finance and more. NetSuite is a popular ERP system built for organizations of all sizes.

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Welcome Scott Goodrich

Focus CFO

He has served as the full-time CFO of 2 companies and has extensive experience in general ledger accounting, financial planning, modeling and analysis, cash forecasting, cost reduction, capital structures, contract negotiation, and successful exits.


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Your Inventory Value Report

CFO Simplified

If you’re a manufacturer or a wholesale distributor, you should be comparing the value in that inventory value report to one line on your general ledger, and that’s the value of inventory. . It is important to reconcile this report with your general ledger to make sure that the numbers are correct.

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As a construction company preparing our own financials, what general ledger accounts should we add?


We are a construction company and would like to have a few questions answered re.

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CS Lucas and Accounting System Integration

CS Lucas

This article will cover the information exchanged between CS Lucas and the accounting (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, as well as the methods employed to facilitate this exchange. This file can be configured to be sent at a specified frequency, with the recommended best practice being once a day.

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Not Your Mother’s Chart of Accounts: Modern Day Accounting Made Easy

How do you dramatically improve reporting and gain visibility into your financial data while reducing your General Ledger accounts by more than 90%? In this one-hour webinar, you’ll learn about the benefits of a modern financial management system and its game-changing multi-entity, multi-dimensional, General Ledger?starting

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PodChats for FutureCFO: The continuing transformation of finance reporting

Future CFO

These allow us to be able to provide the types of financial reporting services ranging from general ledger, accounting, reporting, audit and compliances. We also do support asset accounting and tax reporting," he added.

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