Customer Concentration

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Customer concentration had become an ever-bigger problem as borrowing increased. Significant Findings and Recommendations: Reduce Customer Concentration. Many companies view 20% of your total sales as a limit on customer concentration.

Hindustan Copper relies on concentrate to boost margins as cathode costs high

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HCL’s copper concentrate has a huge demand as it has very less proportion of elements like arsenic, antimony, bismuth, lead, mercury and other deleterious elements.


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Groupon To Stop Merchandise Sales And Concentrate On Experiences


The firm plans to move from its current deal-focused approach to concentrate on local experiences, such as local painting classes or wine-tasting dinners, as The Wall Street Journal reported. As it faces a competitive retail market, Groupon Inc.

Mexican Regulator Says Credit, Debit Processing Too Highly Concentrated


According to Mexican regulators, the two companies in charge of the country's credit and debit settlements represent "a near monopoly," and big businesses need to sell shares in those companies, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

China's Central Bank Tells Ant Group To Concentrate On Payments Business


Financial regulators in China are moving to curb the influence of Jack Ma 's Ant Group by telling it to switch focus back to its mainstay payments business while fixing issues in personal lending, wealth management and more, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports.

Concentration Risk on the Buy-Side of Credit Markets: The Causes

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What are the effects of buy-side concentration on the structure of the corporate bond market? Economics Fixed Income Risk Management Standards, Ethics & Regulations (SER) bonds central banks ETFs fixed income Investment Products and Asset Classes Monetary Policy Quantitative Easing

In Asia Pacific, Cash Usage Swell With Growth of ATMs


Cash Asia Pacific ATM concentration ATM Usage Cardtronics cash is king cash payments Cash Usage China Cash Usage India Cash versus digital payments Financial Inclusion Asia Pacific Global Cash Index News Payment Methods paymentsIn the Asia-Pacific, cash is fighting tooth and nail with emerging digital payment methods and is seemingly winning the race. The region is now home to more than half of ATMs worldwide, which is helping drive use of cash, according to RBR’s latest forecast.

Hindustan Copper draws up Rs 5,500-crore plan to expand its ore capacity

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HCL uses ore primarily to produce metal concentrate. Of late, its focus has shifted to selling copper concentrate directly to refiners. Sterlite and Birla Copper use concentrate to produce refined copper.

ESMA outlines its approach to reporting on systemic impacts of clearing


ESMA will identify any difference in basis available between TC and EU CCPs, and model any concentration add-ons. by Brian Polk Director. Email +44 (0)7711 898535. More articles by Brian.

Employee Spotlight: Meet AJ Olpin


AJ holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Systems and Networking, as well as a minor in Economics. In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’d like you to meet FISPAN’s Manager, Infrastructure and Data Services, AJ Olpin !

Bad Explanations for Inflation | AIER

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Proponents of market-power explanations for inflation point to increased concentration in several industries over the last two years. . Assume for the sake of argument that industry concentration has increased. First, the link between concentration and market power is weak.

White House Sees Hearing Aids as Chance to Lower Prices Through More Competition

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At present, just four manufacturers control 84% of the hearing-aid market, according to the Open Markets Institute, a think tank critical of corporate concentration. Has corporate concentration raised prices for you? Getting a pair of hearing aids can cost up to $5,000.

Alan Cartwright, Group Chief Financial Officer, EFM Global Logistics

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Really, NASA wanted to just concentrate on getting this spaceship ready and not some of the administration – so we took care of that.”.

No History of Education Vouchers Is Complete without Thomas Paine

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That vitality, in turn, would prevent the rise of monarchy and aristocracy, which were expressions of ignorance and overly concentrated wealth. . Nobody really seems to understand where school choice comes from.

James Owen, Global Chief Financial Officer, Profiles Division, Kantar

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With the argument centring around that we can’t concentrate, we don’t knuckle down and stick something out through tougher times. . Successful businesses need a culture of making it happen, says James Owen, Kantar’s Profiles division Global CFO.

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

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You can concentrate on product development, marketing, finance or sales. With more than 70 years under my belt, pondering this question is sometimes philosophical and sometimes whimsical, but it’s still real. When I was in college, my dad said something prescient.

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Brent boils: Stocks bleed as war spooks investors

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Advance decline ratio is now even suggesting that selling is concentrated in large cap stocks,” said Deepak Jasani, head of retail research at HDFC Securities. Sensex plummets 778 points, Nifty dives 187.95 points. Fall in the broader market relatively less.

Latest Covid-19 wave had muted impact on growth, business activity back to pre-third wave level, report says

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Trends in ultra-high frequency data suggest a more muted impact of the third wave on growth overall, the impact is concentrated among contact-intensive services, and is not broad-based; and growth is likely bottomed at end-January and appears set to rebound in February, the brokerage said.

Aditya Birla Fashion rating – Buy: A robust third quarter for the company

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Improved consumer sentiment along with a concentrated wedding season aided overall recovery. Firm is net cash positive; FY22/23e Ebitda up 11/7%; TP up to Rs 347; ‘Buy’ retained.

Top Marijuana Stocks for June 2022

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The company said that demand for rosin cartridges and concentrates is rising. Strong growth in revenues from edibles and concentrates drove of overall performance. a maker of flower, concentrate , and pre-rolls products.

Meta, Amazon, Snap, Pinterest: What to Watch in the Stock Market Today

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Some of those that held up best strayed from their traditional investing grounds, or concentrated on the shortest maturities. . Technology shares are leading losses after Facebook parent Meta Platforms surprised investors with a bigger-than-expected profit drop.

Class A Shares vs. Class B Shares: What’s the Difference?

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In reality, the decision is usually made in order to concentrate voting power within a certain group of people. He preferred to concentrate voting power in the hands of relatively few investors. Class A Shares vs. Class B Shares: An Overview.

Make HR your BFF for Financial Workforce Planning

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If we go back a few years, HR was very much concentrated on getting payroll correct. I recently spent a very enjoyable hour discussing financial workforce planning with Mark White of MHR.

IRS Unveils Voice and Chat Bots to Assist Taxpayers

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This frees up human agents to concentrate on taxpayers with more complex problems. Bots—short for robots—are software programs that perform automated tasks. You’ve probably interacted with bots when contacting the customer service departments of companies with which you do business.

What Is a Relative Standard Error?

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The standard deviation of a data set is used to express the concentration of survey results. In statistics , a relative standard error (RSE) is equal to the standard error of a survey estimate divided by the survey estimate and then multiplied by 100.

How to Invest in Digital Assets

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Although the investment landscape has changed significantly in recent years, one thing holds true: digital assets are growing in popularity. From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, digital assets are continuing to gain traction despite ongoing volatility.

LucaNet’s Dominik Duchon on the significance of digital transformation

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Cloud customers can concentrate entirely on their reporting, planning, analysis and consolidation, while we provide and manage the FPM software in the cloud. . What does ? digital transformation mean for finance? .

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Ticked Up but Remain Very Low – AIER

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The gain was concentrated in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program and the Pandemic Emergency UC program, which accounted for 93,338 of the 107,674.

How to avoid video meeting fatique

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According to experts, chatting online requires more concentration than meeting face-to-face while poor quality video can make it tricky to read facial expressions. Are you finding video meeting exhausting in lockdown? The post How to avoid video meeting fatique appeared first on FutureCFO. Business Insights Resources Strategies and Tactics Videos/Tutorials coronavirus online meetings video calls World Economic Forum

How to Read Your Income Statement

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If you’re spending most of your time concentrating on sales for an item that’s only getting a 5% gross margin, and you have other items that you’re earning a 35% gross margin on (but are not promoting them), it’s likely you’re putting your money in the wrong place.

Use of On-Demand Execs is a Growing Trend | Indianapolis Business Journal

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FocusCFO is primarily concentrated on fractional financial executives, though it also supplies CFOs as project consultants and project consultants and interim executives. Use of On-Demand Execs Becomes a Growing Trend. Indianapolis Business Journal.

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Ramifications of the Ukraine Crisis for the Finance Function & How to Deal with It

The Finance Weekly

Most of these steps, which include empowering CISOs, concentrating on business continuity capabilities and investments, and improving scenario planning, intersect with the CFO’s growing role in supporting and financing the organization’s cybersecurity framework.

Warren Buffett’s Bear Market Maneuvers

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He takes a long-term, large-scale, value-based investment approach that concentrates on good fundamentals and intrinsic business value, rather than the share price. Buffett makes concentrated purchases.

Public Schools Are Using Inflation To Extort Taxpayers

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Garion Frankel is a graduate student at Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government and Public Service with a concentration in education policy and management. As Hayek once argued , the history of the world can be depicted as a history of inflation.

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François Masquelier (Simply Treasury): Small is Beautiful

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But in the past, IT vendors were concentrating on heavy weights only (for profitability/return reasons).