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CFOs up forecasting frequency amid economic uncertainty: survey

CFO Dive

Pricing pressures, labor costs and talent retention struggles are creating new forecasting challenges for financial and business leaders, the AICPA & CIMA survey found.

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Tackling the build versus buy forecasting dilemma

CFO Dive

The rise in economic volatility is increasing the need for better decisions when it comes to acquiring and interpreting forecasting data.


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Folly of Forecasts, Big Short Edition

Barry Ritholtz

I share that caveat because making a bet and staying with it, is very different than making a forecast. Khoo looked at Michael Burry’s predictions since 2015 and whether markets followed his forecasts or not. It’s the entire idea that you as an investor should care about anyone else’s forecasts.

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AI-driven operations forecasting in data-light environments

Mckinsey and Company

Too many companies still rely on manual forecasting because they think AI requires better-quality data than they have available. Nowadays, that’s a costly mistake.

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Acterys: Revolutionizing CIO & CFO Decision-Making

This state-of-the-art solution streamlines data integration, analytics, and forecasting, empowering leaders to make informed decisions quickly. Ever been captivated by the whispers of a software that's not just innovative but genuinely groundbreaking? Acterys unveils a groundbreaking technology tailored for CIOs and CFOs.

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The Benefits of Automating Forecasting Processes  


When it comes to automation, what’s particularly beneficial is the way technology can automate how financial data flows through models and forecasts, freeing financial teams from the manual labor of attempting to create forecasts via spreadsheets. Fortunately, automation allows for increased agility.

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Global GDP growth forecast upgraded to 2.4% for 2023

Future CFO

Atradius has recently upgraded its global GDP growth forecast for 2023 to 2.4%, which is a slowdown from 2022 but a significant improvement on earlier predictions. In addition, the firm posted a global GDP growth forecast of 2.0% Emerging market economies (EMEs) will fare better, with forecast growth of 3.9% for 2024. “We

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Statement of Cash Flows vs. Cash Flow Statement

Speaker: Wayne Spivak - President and Chief Financial Officer of SBA * Consulting LTD, Industry Writer, and Public Speaker

Key to this new mindset is understanding the difference between the Statement of Cash Flows, a historical look at the source and uses of cash, and the Cash Flow Statement, which uses transaction history and forward-looking forecasts to predict cash levels.