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Strategic Planning for Business Owners: Staffing During Exponential Growth

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How are you planning on staffing for this as you move forward and continue to experience high levels of growth? Consider: That strategic plan for how you’re going to conduct staffing is critical to your success. So, you must conduct planning ahead of time; some strategic planning!

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The essential elements of a strategic plan: explained

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What is strategic planning? Strategic planning is the process used to allocate resources, set goals, and identify risks and opportunities.


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11+ best strategic planning software for CFOs in 2023

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Strategic planning is a critical component of any successful organization. It drives decision-making, helps maximize profit, and provides the basis for long-term financial health.

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Kitces & Carl Ep 107: The Strategic Planning Process And Coming Up With (New) Ideas To Try

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For many financial advisors, annual strategic planning is an essential process that establishes clear and specific business goals for the year, along with the steps necessary to achieve those goals. Additionally, it helps advisors make informed decisions about the future direction of their business.

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Three rules for customer-centric strategic planning


Today, CEOs and their boards are under continual pressure to squeeze incremental profit from their existing business and routinely hit the quarterly earnings figures they promised to the market, knowing that if they repeatedly fail they will soon be shown the exit.

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How an NFL Revenue Marker Gave Way to a New Strategic Plan | Chris Halpin, CFO, IAC

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Halpin: The one that sticks with me was in 2017, they asked me to become Chief Strategy Officer and build a long term strategic plan at the NFL. And it was a recognition that, you know, the media landscape was changing so much social media was impacting every part of our business, for the good and the bad.

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Strategic Planning Components for CFOs to Keep Top-of-Mind


But not every CFO thrives in the strategic planning side of their role. The post Strategic Planning Components for CFOs to Keep Top-of-Mind appeared first on Planful. Over the years, the chief financial officer’s (CFO) role has evolved from gatekeeper to trusted advisor and business partner. ” A […].