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Dropping A B/D License Without Dropping Current B/D Platform

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And the reason that I liked that one, because I’ve sold very few VAs in my career, but I could do the math on how that rider worked on a piece of legal paper and my calculator. And so, what we did, and I guess the advantage of being with a broker-dealer is those are now Commonwealth house accounts. Stacey: Absolutely.

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Transcript: Gary Cohn

Barry Ritholtz

And so after a week there, I, I said to the guys on desk, Hey, can I open an account and do this? Yeah, you’re, you’re, you’re allowed to open an account. So I opened an account and I sat there and I traded the, the New York Chicago Gold arbitrage for the next sort of close to month. Gary Cohn ] 00:05:28 Be?

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