Bitcoin Daily: HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone Now Supports Bitcoin Cash; Parsiq Offers Blockchain Data Analysis


In other news, blockchain monitoring and intelligence platform Parsiq revealed that it is now offering its analytics tools to both businesses and customers to give them “insightful blockchain data for sound decision-making.”. Bitcoin BCH bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Blockchain blockchain phone crypto data analysis exodus HTC Neufund News Parsiq Retail Spencer Dinwiddie tokens What's Hot

Metric of the Week: CFOs Prefer Strategy Over Management


Strategy Communication Skills Data analysis KPIs Management scenario planning Soft SkillsChief financial officers as company leaders have been an ongoing theme over the past few years, for obvious reasons.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Turn To Mobile Verification To Stop AML


In this month’s Feature Story, PYMNTS talked with Anthony Botticella , CEO of BitGo , about how the crypto exchange leverages mobile ID verification and behind-the-scenes transaction analysis to stop money launderers in their tracks. .

20 ways CFOs are shaking up the agenda: 11-15

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Continuing our list, we examine real-time data analysis, predictive analytics, Zoom fundraising, daily reporting and automated waterfalls. magazine fund administration fund finance

Can Payments Solve Healthcare’s $20K-Per-Family Cost Burden?


This is all happening amid shifts that are seeing more incentives — including those based on sophisticated analysis of health data, along with digital devices — offered to consumers to keep them healthier, and to better keep them on track in paying their healthcare and hospital bills. However, data analysis can help change that. We all know the drill.

Visa On How To Use AI Responsibly


After all — technology without guiding principles, without scrutiny of the beginning goals and end outputs — is just data in and data out, where unintended consequences may accrue. As Melissa McSherry, senior vice president and global head of credit and data products at Visa , told Karen Webster, the responsible use of AI that examines huge swathes of data (such as those housed in the payment giant’s own databases), “is a vital consideration for AI practitioners.”.

QIWI Buys Plati Potom For Undisclosed Sum


Plati Potom develops post-payment solutions for eCommerce and offline retailers, as well as data analysis and credit risk management tools. According to QIWI, the core focus areas of Plati Potom include research and implementation of various technologies, like data science in the fields of payments, eCommerce and credit risk management. QIWI expects that the data science technology developed by Plati Potom can be applied to a wide range of QIWI products.

Embracing The D-Word In The Omni Era


That’s why interpreting data the right way can make all the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive retail marketplace. September’s Omnicommerce Tracker™ delves into this subject with RetailNext VP of Retail Consulting Shelley Kohan , who discussed the challenges and opportunities retailers have collecting and understanding data before coming up with an omnichannel campaign that makes sense for their business.

Surviving And Thriving Off Of Data In The Omni Era


Interpreting data correctly, however, can make all the difference between success and failure in the retail industry. PYMNTS recently spoke with Shelley Kohan, vice president of retail consulting at RetailNext , about the challenges and opportunities retailers have when it comes to collecting and understanding data before trying to come up with an effective omnichannel campaign.

Data-R-Us: The Purchase And Sale Of Data


Where do analysts get their data? It’s not like they can just stroll up to a retailer like Data-R-Us and buy it … can they? It’s called a data marketplace , and it’s not just for analysts. What Is a Data Marketplace? Like any other online marketplace, a data market is a virtual destination where goods and services are bought and sold. Organizations are hungry for data these days. Everybody Loves Data. Know what produces a lot of data?

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HP Enterprise Chief Architect On How Hybrid IT Moves Firms Beyond Moore’s Law


In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Kirk Bresniker, chief architect of Hewlett Packard Labs with HPE , said a gap is widening between processing power and the needs of a data-driven world. The demands of new systems, until recently only sheer figments of imagination — from autonomous vehicles to 5G communications — means there are only microseconds in place for computers, companies, data-driven analytics and sometimes humans to make decisions.

Data Enabler Zooz Leverages Data To Drive Revenue


But to learn from the data, first they need to see it. Zooz gives them a window into the data so that merchants can apply the facts to improve business results. Payments generate considerable amounts of data about the customer journey and transaction results, but merchants generally lack the tools to access and analyze this data,” said Zooz CEO Oren Levy. “We’re Zooz also offers secure data storage and protection for consumer information.

From speech to insights: The value of the human voice


New technologies make voice-data analysis easier to achieve, for lasting results. In a digital age, live voice contacts matter even more in providing a high-quality customer experience. Insights on Operations Call centers Service operations

Data Enabler Alooma Aggregates Data So Retailers Can Actually Use It


Analyzing data is tough, but a lot of products and services have solved for that. When Alooma CEO and cofounder Yoni Broyde talked to retailers, he found that for most of them, analysis wasn’t the problem. The problem was getting all their data into one place first. Eighty to 90 percent of companies we spoke with were having trouble moving data and bringing it together in one place,” Broyde said. Especially when dealing with cloud data or real-time data.

PR Startup Upbeat Gets $1.5-Million in Funding


Rather than paying a large monthly retainer to PR agencies, the Upbeat platform uses data science to both find the appropriate journalist to contact, gauge story ideas and prep clients for interviews. Upbeat’s CEO Ricky Yean commented on how the company’s data science platform is changing the PR arena. The relationship between journalists and public relations professionals has seen its ups and downs over the years.

Data Enabler VoltDB Takes Stock Of Retailers’ Evolving Inventory Needs


Data Enabler VoltDB helps retailers carry that load, with broad, deep, and most importantly, fast data reporting that enables them to adapt to fluctuating inventory needs on the fly. Flipkart, the largest online retailer in India, relies on this Data Enabler to track and manage inventory in real time. DD: VoltDB is an in-memory database for application modernization initiatives requiring an unprecedented combination of data scale, volume and accuracy.

Collaborating Across The B2B Supply Chain, With A 360° View


According to ClientLoyalty CEO Kent Barnett, data sharing, up and down the supply chain, can help save and improve relationships between enterprises and their suppliers —becoming what he termed “a strategic relationship with data.” He likened the process here, with a focus on B2B relationships, to the fabled Six Sigma techniques and analysis that help manufacturers gain insight in how to improve their processes. B2B Payments B2B clientloyalty data analysis Supply Chain

Generating Deeper Analysis from Financial Statements

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Data analysis is one of the most challenging parts of any profession. It is not just a technical or a mathematical problem, it is a process that requires creativity and the ability to see beneath the data to uncover real insights. Time to read: 2 ½ Minutes.

How to Create a Linear Regression Model in Excel

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Linear regression is a type of data analysis that considers the linear relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. Here, we look at how to use data imported into Microsoft Excel to perform a linear regression and how to interpret the results.

Deep Dive Live: Make Financial Data Your Lightsaber

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We’re going to explore what financial data is, what reporting is.”. “Is Is [the relevant data] all financial? Every business is a data business today – data is being produced from your ERP and other tools and systems internally and also externally.”.

Let’s Perfect Your Integrated Planning

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For example, advanced data analysis can provide insight that reveal new opportunities, reducing workloads while also reducing the risk of error.

What SaaS Really Means for Modern FP&A


Planning Maestro offers the sophisticated features needed by small and mid-market organizations to integrate budgeting, forecasting, and deep data analysis within one easy-to-use, scalable SaaS solution.

Luxury resort operator to digitally transform finance operation with Workday

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With intelligent automation and augmented analytics, Soneva can largely eradicate manual, tedious processes, and instead focus time and resources on strategic value-adding tasks such as data analysis and smarter, insight-driven business decisions, Workday added.

Eliminate Adhoc Reporting and Drastically Reduce Time with Power BI


ZS is a management consulting firm that helps organizations improve results with data analysis across a range of industries from healthcare to software. Helping an Underwater Team Take Control of Data. Collaboration Data Analytics Finance FP&A Power BI

How 6 Data-Driven Organizations Are Disrupting Their Industries


When enterprises embrace a genuine data-driven culture, it doesn’t just transform efficiency and revenue. Even when the benefits of a data-driven enterprise are clear, it’s common for teams to resist change. Transforming Communities with Data. Data Strategy

Why Is Financial Analysis Important?

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If you’re a business owner and you can’t easily answer these questions, there is a good chance you need to consider financial analysis. Financial analysis can help you get a better idea of your organization’s larger financial picture. What Is Financial Analysis?

Alteryx for Accounting: The Future of the Finance Organization

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And it does that by connecting, transforming, and moving data between the different systems you use on any given day. In fact, we probably buried the lede on this one since, if we're to distill Alteryx into a single catchy tagline, it would be something like "unlock the power of your data.

Best Practice Tips to Impress in the Role of CFO


Once upon a time the role of CFO was focused on backward-looking data. Marry Finance With Strategy It’s not enough to provide accurate financial data. Master the Art of Analytics Of course, input is always better received when there’s data behind it.

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Where Can FP&A Career Path Take You?

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The growing variety and complexity of tasks within the finance function has resulted in the creation of a discipline that is supposed to become a bridge between the finance and business to support decision-making process by leveraging data and technology.

Younger Generations More Bullish on Cryptocurrencies

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Quotas and data weighting were used to ensure race/ethnicity, gender, regional, and income representation among the total and within each generation. Survey research and data analysis led by Amanda Morelli. Does age influence your likelihood of investing in cryptocurrency ?

Positive vs. Normative Economics: Key Differences

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It relies on objective data analysis, relevant facts, and associated figures. Positive vs. Normative Economics: An Overview. Positive economics and normative economics are two standard branches of modern economics.

Get to Know Centage’s Brand-New Premium App for QuickBooks Online Advanced


The Planning Maestro App for QuickBooks Online Advanced provides a two-way sync of financial data between QuickBooks Online Advanced and Planning Maestro, resulting in improved efficiency, fewer manual processes, and greater confidence in data quality and integrity.

Most Valuable Career Skills for 2022

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Five out of 10 of the fastest-growing occupations are healthcare-related, according to the BLS data. Data scientists and mathematical scientist occupations. Data engineering. Data visualization. The Most Valuable Career Skills for 2022. The job market is always evolving.

Business workflow automation: What are companies’ priorities?

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When it comes to business workflow automation, which ones do enterprise executives think are the most important and deliver the greatest value?

How to Create a Flexible, Agile FP&A Function


Just as content is king in the world of marketing, when it comes to financial decision-making, data is everything. If you want to outsell the competition, then upgrading your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) efforts is of the utmost importance.