Nonprofit Accounting Basics for Founders, Board Members & Executives

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If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, you’re not researching nonprofit accounting basics to satisfy your curiosity. with this overview of nonprofit accounting basics. . What is nonprofit accounting? Don't hire the wrong accountant for your nonprofit! Accounts receivable.

Idriz Adedoja, Head of Finance Vizlib & Astrato Analytics

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I was really good at hard or further maths, and I was going to teach maths in a secondary school. But, following three years with the firm, he decided to pursue an accounting degree at Brighton University. .


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CPA Salary Guide

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So, if you are a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, or an entry-level accountant seeking a higher salary and more work responsibilities, you may want to consider obtaining a certified public account designation. Accounting vs. CPA Careers.

Weekend Reading For Financial Planners (Oct 15-16) 2022

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Also in industry news this week: The IRS released a notice this week indicating that RMDs will not be required for inheritors of retirement accounts subject to the SECURE Act’s 10-year rule. Why accounting firms have become hot acquisition targets for RIAs. Executive Summary.

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When is it Time for a Small Business CFO?

Michigan CFO

This doesn’t mean that your CFO handles accounting and tax preparation personally, but they do manage relationships with the people responsible for those things. Or maybe you just rely on your bank account balance to do the math for you.

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How to Change Careers to a Financial Sector Job

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The financial sector consists of firms that offer financial services to consumers, businesses, and governments. The financial sector is a segment of the economy that consists of firms and institutions that offer financial services to consumers, businesses, and government entities.

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The Latest In Financial #AdvisorTech (October 2022)

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Morgan Stanley rolls out a held-away account aggregation feature for its 401(k) plan advisors to provide more holistic advice within the plan to participants (before they ever have a chance to roll over to an independent advisor in the future!?). Executive Summary.

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The Evolution Of The Advice Business And True Power Of Brand

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Joe is a Partner and Co-Head of Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management Group, a national wealth management firm within Goldman Sachs which oversees more than $100 billion in assets under advisement for tens of thousands of client households. And so… Joe: How many firms today?

Transcript: Bill Browder

The Big Picture

So, I did the math, 20 million times a hundred. So, let me just repeat the math. And so, again, I went through this simple math. Did they still retain any sort of state ownership and who were the private owners of these firms?

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Using Mergers & Integrations As A Path To Talent Acquisition

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Michael: I really appreciate you coming on the podcast and joining us today, and the opportunity to talk about some of the, I guess, the dynamics and challenge that come up when your advisory firm grows. Just paint a picture overall of the firm. How big is the firm?

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Is Congress Finally About To Fix PPP’s Many Problems?


Critics say that means the average SMB owner will need a lawyer, an accountant or an advanced math degree to figure out what portion of a loan to submit for forgiveness.

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