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Supporting resilience and preventing burnout in nonprofits

Mckinsey and Company

The nonprofit sector in Australia faces a high rate of burnout, but employers can reduce the problem by improving workplace mental health and establishing the right support structures.

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Nonprofit Agenda Management: Empowering Organizational Success

Capital CFO LLC

Introduction Nonprofit agenda management at its core is a game changer. Building the right agenda is a tool in your […] The post Nonprofit Agenda Management: Empowering Organizational Success appeared first on Capital CFO+. It helps you to run efficient, effective and productive meetings.

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How is Your Nonprofit Funded?

CFO Selections

Unfortunately, too often nonprofit leaders and board members only have a vague sense of how their organizations are funded and what that means for furthering their missions. An organization’s funding mix can influence its overall financial health as well as determine its reach, capacity, operational flexibility, and long-term sustainability.

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How Companies Can Partner with Nonprofits

CFO News Room

In today’s ESG-focused world, there is no taboo about corporations seeking advice and partnership opportunities with nonprofits. What contact they have had with nonprofits has usually been through their corporate giving or corporate social responsibility programs. The very best nonprofits have much to teach corporations.

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Should Your Nonprofit Have Debt?

The Charity CFO

If you’re like most nonprofit leaders, you probably have questions — and possibly mixed feelings — about nonprofit debt. That’s because you’ve also probably received mixed messages about nonprofits and debt. Nonprofits aren’t often encouraged to take on debt. the why behind nonprofit debt.

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Volunteer Management: What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know

The Charity CFO

Volunteering is an essential piece of any nonprofit. Some nonprofits can’t function without the help of their volunteers. But how can nonprofit leaders ensure their volunteers are effective while creating a space that encourages volunteers to return? The key lies in a strong, well-run volunteer management program.

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Nine Fundraising ideas for nonprofits

The Charity CFO

Fundraising ideas for nonprofits are one of the more exciting ways to add needed momentum to your mission. The idea behind nonprofits is to support the public good. million nonprofits in the United States, there are countless organizations available to provide shelter, medical assistance, and education, you name it! With over 1.3