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9 Signs Your Startup Needs a Fractional CFO - By JP Puchulu

Boston Startup CFO

As a startup, it is important to have a strong financial foundation in order to successfully grow and scale. While you may have the expertise and skills to handle many aspects of your startup, there may come a time when you need additional financial guidance and support. A fractional CFO can provide significant value to the process by: Developing a financial plan : A financial plan is a key component of any fundraising effort.

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The Importance of Excel in Business

CFO News Room

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Excel is a spreadsheet software application used to store, organize, and analyze data. Excel is a powerful tool that has become entrenched in business processes worldwide—whether for analyzing stocks or issuers, budgeting, or organizing client sales lists.

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The Best Power BI Visuals for Financial Reporting


The most valuable indicators of the financial health and position of an organization are the metrics that are tracked in financial statements—Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Account Receivables, and more. Bar charts segment data horizontally.

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Risk Mitigation In Uncertain Times

FPA Insider

With thorough analysis capabilities including ad hoc reporting, drill downs, and variance analyses, conduct rigorous investigations into your data to explore how different scenarios might affect your business in the short, medium and long term.

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Checks, Data Sharing Limits Force B2B FinTechs To Find A Workaround


Of course, at the heart of this advancement is increased access to detailed financial data, but it’s not easy for everyone. Small businesses (SMBs) in particular can have trouble not only gaining access to their financial data, but also making sense of it. For franchise owners, financial data isn’t just stored across systems; it’s stored across various business locations, making financial analysis even more difficult.

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Fast Growth As A Career Changer With A High-Touch Service

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Welcome back to the 285th episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast ! Michael Kitces is Head of Planning Strategy at Buckingham Strategic Wealth , a turnkey wealth management services provider supporting thousands of independent financial advisors. Executive Summary.

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