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Russia’s War on Ukraine Changed Global Oil Trade. Here Is What It Looks Like Now.

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The Wall Street Journal analyzed data from the ship-tracking firm Spire Global that showed the paths of about 3,000 such vessels to find those leaving Russian ports across periods before and after the Russian invasion on Feb.

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Benefits of financial planning automation


The benefits of implementation of financial planning and analytics solutions are following: Time-saving: Software for financial planning tasks can save significant amounts of time by eliminating the need for manual data entry and calculations. Increased accuracy: FP&A software can reduce errors that can occur in manual processes.


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Standards for Carbon Accounting are Beginning to Take Shape


As noted throughout our previous blog posts, it will be critical for companies to start early with implementing comprehensive, end-to-end processes for collecting, aggregating and analyzing data on enterprise-wide CO 2 transactions, carbon footprints, and other related information.

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The AI CFO: Understanding the impact of AI on the role of CFOs

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The integration of AI in finance operations has already transformed the way CFOs analyze data, make decisions, and navigate complex financial landscapes. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reshape industries, it will have a profound impact on the role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

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April Rent Unpaid By 31 Pct Sparking Fears Of What Is Ahead


Over one third of Americans didn’t pay rent by April 5, triggering fears of what could be ahead for May and beyond, according to data from a landlord advocacy group. The National Multifamily Housing Council ( NMHC ) analyzed data on Wednesday (April 8) from 13.4

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Top 3 picks for Cloud FP&A out of NetSuite in 2022

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With this, teams deal with a multitude of emerging pain points, with little time to analyze data, reforecast, and understand the story behind their numbers. Here are a few common issues: Versioning issues : “Opex Budget Template Version 7 final”. Does that sound familiar?

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Revel Steps Into The Back Office


The solution also supports demand forecasting by analyzing data on sales, payment, labor and other metrics. Insights by Revel provides reports that can be customized for business owners to gain insight into a specific metric and have multiple ways of viewing data. “We Revel raised $13.5