Visa CFO eyes B2B, remittances for growth

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Visa is eyeing certain portions of the B2B market for near-term growth, the company’s chief financial officer said during a conference last week.

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How to adopt dynamic pricing on B2B marketplaces

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By 2028, it’s estimated that the global B2B e-commerce market size will reach $25.65 trillion. Dynamic pricing is one of its challenges

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B2B veteran named CFO of XPO Logistics’ spin-off

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Following the spin-off, RXO will be the third-largest provider of domestic and cross-border less-than-truckload freight shipping

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B2B eCommerce Embraces The Ecosystem Opportunity


With trade shows canceled and enterprise digitization accelerated, 2020 was a big year for the adoption of B2B eCommerce. Even before the pandemic hit, the B2B eCommerce landscape was heating up as businesses sought greater efficiency.

The new B2B growth equation


Customers want an always-on, personalized, omnichannel experience. The world’s best sellers are giving it to them. Marketing & Sales Insights Marketing & Sales

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Flipkart Rolls Out B2B Marketplace


Flipkart has rolled out its Flipkart Wholesale operations, which serves as a B2B marketplace for small businesses and shops. B2B Payments B2B Flipkart Flipkart Wholesale india international News SMBs What's Hot In B2B

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B2B Payments Drive Instant Payments, Crypto Innovation


Separately, research finds B2B payments as the key driver behind surging instant payments volume in the years ahead. In addition to the expanded Accelerate program, Mastercard is also embracing blockchain for B2B use cases. B2B Payments To Drive Instant Payments Adoption.

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Webinar: B2B Payments: 2022 Survey Results | September 13

Strategic Treasurer

B2B Payments: 2022 Survey Results. The B2B Payments Survey gathers data from treasury and finance professionals on payment challenges, security, technology, and complexity, probing global respondents on their plans, perceptions, and practices. September 13 | 2:00 PM EDT. Register Now.

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B2B eCommerce Gets Civilized


And here we are, millennia later, exploring space and streaming Netflix, yet over 40 percent of business-to-business (B2B) payments are still made by paper — the same “technology” that replaced clay tablets. After all, B2B eCommerce will be a $1.1

B2B Payments’ Pivot To Digital


“Fundamental changes to the B2B payments landscape are taking place today, faster than ever before, helping the ecosystem eliminate inefficient B2B payments processes.”. The paper check has defied the odds and has been a go-to B2B payment staple.

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Building next-generation B2B sales capabilities


The pandemic has converted B2B buyers to e-commerce in a big way. B2B sellers need new capabilities to meet their new expectations. Marketing & Sales Insights B-to-B Digital marketing Multichannel

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Boosting value chain: How B2B marketplaces are reshaping the agri business

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Leveraging new-age and innovative technologies, agritech startups are building robust business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces in a bid to strengthen the end-to-end supply chain in agricultural food systems and production.

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2022 B2B Payments Survey

Strategic Treasurer

B2B Payments. Strategic Treasurer’s B2B Payments survey, developed in partnership with Bottomline Technologies, sought to understand the shifting technologies, strategies, and practices used by organizations across the Business-to-Business (B2B) payments landscape.

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Report: JCB Developing Blockchain B2B Payment Product


JCB , a Japanese card provider, is developing a blockchain B2B payment offering specifically for netting trades between two parties. Even though Japan’s B2B payments space accounts for $10 trillion in yearly volume, cash transactions are still in the lead as is the case in a number of markets.

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B2B Payments Speed Up


If we’re talking about business-to-business (B2B) payments, the speed of business is nothing to brag about. It works both ways as traditionally B2C sellers dip their toes into lucrative B2B waters. Keeping B2B Payments Honest. B2B Payments B2B b2c MSTS News retail payments

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Netspend CEO On Making The B2B Pivot


Changing course isn’t an easy thing for businesses to do, particularly when it's a big change like shifting focus from providing services direct to consumer (D2C) to taking on a B2B model.

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Personalizing — Not Just Digitizing — The B2B eCommerce Experience


As the B2B commerce landscape innovates, it is continually after that "Amazon-like" experience forged in the consumer commerce world. But for B2B vendors and suppliers, the unique needs of corporate customers cannot be ignored, making a consumer-like buying experience particularly complex.

Virtual Cards Streamline, Simplify B2B Healthcare Payments


Frictions like these are pushing more businesses to rethink their legacy approaches to business-to-business (B2B) payments and adopting various digital options for sending money. The pandemic has left vendors struggling and more concerned than ever that they receive their funds without delay.

Giving B2B Dental Payments A Digital Treatment


Insurance carriers that implement high-powered tools to boost claims processing could also trim frictions and accelerate the sector’s B2B payments. The dental sector may be in need of a digital boost.

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Integrated Workflows Fuel Cross-Border B2B Payments


There are a lot of moving parts in B2B payments that are keeping corporate finance executives busy as they work to modernize and optimize their operations. In 2020, many of the biggest pain points in B2B payments were revealed, particularly when transactions move across border.

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B2B FinTechs Overcome Pandemic VC Slump


Nevertheless, this week’s B2B venture capital roundup found some healthy investment for startups in both Europe and the U.S., In Germany, Candis, a B2B platform to automate accounting and payments for businesses, announced a $15.8

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Virtual Cards Drive Consumerization Of B2B Payments


Historically, corporate travel and expense ( T&E ) management has been viewed as an entirely separate function from other B2B payment workflows. The differentiation between T&E and B2B payments has broken,” said Barker.

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Salesforce Rolls Out Revenue Cloud To Simplify B2B Functions


Salesforce has rolled out its new Revenue Cloud product, which will work to simplify B2B purchasing for customers, according to a press release. B2B Payments automation B2B News Revenue Cloud Salesforce What's Hot In B2B

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B2B FinTech Stays Resilient Amid Investment Slowdown


Several B2B FinTechs topped the list in Q2, however, including commercial card startup Brex, which raised $150 million, as well as global business account service provider Airwallex with $160 million and small business alternative lender Fundbox with a $200 million raise — the largest of the quarter.

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Visa’s Phalen: Collaborative Commerce Is B2B Payments' Next Act


Kevin Phalen , head of global business solutions at Visa , told Karen Webster that the consumerization and the digitization of the B2B space are enabling firms to get the job — moving money — done with efficiencies previously unknown. B2B is poised to make the same leap.

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Rustic Deco Debuts B2B Wholesale Furniture Site


Rustic Deco has rolled out its new B2B wholesale furniture website, according to a press release. The platform is only for B2B needs, offering tiered discounts for licensed interior decorators, registered interior designers and mom-and-pop stores, according to the release.

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FinTech Innovation Eases B2C Sellers’ Entrance Into The B2B World


The takeover signaled an evolution of the company's business model from a traditionally business-to-consumer (B2C) seller, to one that includes business-to-business (B2B) operations. While an attractive proposition, the shift into the B2B world can’t happen at the flip of a switch.

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GenNx360 Acquires B2B Industrial, AMW Packaging


New York private equity firm GenNx360 Capital Partners has acquired B2B Industrial and the assets of AMW Packaging Supply , which will give the company a boost in the industrial packaging space, according to a press release. B2B Industrial is based in Illinois, while AMW is based in Arizona.

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B2B eCommerce Platform NuORDER Unveils Payments Service


B2B online commerce technology company NuORDER has unveiled its NuORDER Payments offering. Digital payments [are] the norm for eCommerce, but B2B payments have been stuck in the dark ages for too long,” NuORDER Co-Founder and Co-CEO Heath Wells said in the announcement.

Mastercard Embraces Existing Rails To Drive B2B Payments Value


When it comes to global B2B procurement, nothing is simple. The Track BPS is an evolution from the strategy of owning the underlying rails upon which money moves, according to James Anderson , executive vice president of Global Commercial and B2B Solutions.

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Seller Platforms And Digital Marketplaces Define B2B Payments For 2021


The B2B payments ecosystem experienced a sudden and dramatic acceleration of change upon the onset of the global pandemic, and its impacts reach far beyond the mere digitization of the B2B transaction. Speed will be key in several workflows of the B2B commerce experience.

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Bolstering The B2B Buyer's Online Experience


When B2B commerce requires sales representatives, phone calls and fax machines, both purchasing and sales workflows can quickly get bogged down. There is an inherent value in building B2B eCommerce platforms from the ground up.

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Brexit Raises The Stakes For B2B Payments Fraud


In this week's B2B Data Digest, PYMNTS breaks down the numbers behind the latest cases of fraud, including the growing risks of small business loan fraud, a case of expense fraud, and the ever-persistent Business Email Compromise risk intensified by Brexit uncertainty.

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Partnerships Drive B2B Payments Digital Transition


And as FinTechs continue to challenge banks, but also offer new opportunities within the B2B space, they’re advancing a corollary to the build vs. buy question: How about partnerships? The question is seemingly an eternal one in the business realm: build vs. buy.

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BigCommerce Takes On B2B eCommerce


The company said in a press release Tuesday (March 12) that, along with a slew of partners, it has launched BigCommerce for B2B to provide B2B sellers with resources to more efficiently sell online. The firm is working with several partners that offer their own B2B solutions, which integrate their tools into the BigCommerce for B2B platform. Online commerce solution provider BigCommerce is adding business-to-business eCommerce to its suite of services.