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MiB: Howard Lindzon, Social Leverage

Barry Ritholtz

 This week, we speak with Howard Lindzon , who is co-founder and managing partner of the early-stage seed investment fund Social Leverage. He used it to launch seed investor Social Leverage. Lindzon also cofounded the social network Stocktwits, which pioneered the “cashtag” (e.g.,

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Hybrid working models can leverage talent and skills across industries

Mckinsey and Company

Digital technologies and advanced analytics are here to stay. Cognitive, digital, and self-leadership skills can help hybrid working models thrive in metals and mining and heavy industries.

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Webinar: Liquidity Management: Pain Points and Leverage | May 31

Strategic Treasurer

Liquidity Management: Pain Points and Leverage May 31 | 2:00 PM EDT Register Now Date Wednesday, May 31, 2023 Time 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT Where This is an online event Panelists Ken Akel, Optimum Healthcare IT Boaz Rahav, Hypersonic Force Terry Ragsdale, LSQ Moderator Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer Featuring Hosted By 1.2

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Tricks of the Private Equity Trade, Part 2: Leverage

CFA Institute

The essence of maximizing the internal rate of return (IRR) lies in the total amount of leverage contracted to finance a transaction.

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ERM Program Fundamentals for Success in the Banking Industry

Speaker: William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services

Are we leveraging risk velocity and vulnerability to obtain more granular residual risk results? Do we understand and articulate our bank’s risk appetite and how that impacts our business units? How are we measuring and rating our risk impact, likelihood, and controls to mitigate our risk?

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Leveraging Structured Notes To Differentiate A Solo Practice

CFO News Room

What’s unique about Anh, though, is how, as a solo advisor, she differentiates her firm by leveraging the combination of a high-touch concierge approach to client service with a unique investment management approach through the use of very carefully chosen structured notes to differentiate her portfolio design from other advisors.

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Leveraging infrastructure investment to meet net-zero goals

Mckinsey and Company

Investors have critical roles to play in delivering sustainable infrastructure to address the rising risks of climate change. Developing innovative solutions can accelerate the energy transition.

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Common Pitfalls During Month-End Close

Speaker: Nancy Wu, Head of Sales and Customer Success at SkyStem

Join us in this one hour webinar as we discuss the most common pitfalls the accounting team encounters when it comes to month-end close, and how we can optimize closing timeline and accuracy by leveraging leading practices and automation.

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Successful Change Management with Enterprise Risk Management

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of ERM Services

Leveraging the data that your ERM program already contains is an effective way to help create and manage the overall change management process within your organization. A well-defined change management process is critical to minimizing the impact that change has on your organization.