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Book Review: Asset Allocation

CFA Institute

William Kinlaw, Mark Kritzman, and David Turkington offer advice on a wide range of asset allocation topics, backing up their recommendations with solid quantitative analysis.

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Welcome Steven Stewart

Focus CFO

Successful application of research, process analysis, cost accounting, quantitative analysis, management, and negotiation to effectively resolve and manage a variety of business issues. Excel in strategic and financial planning, complex contract negotiation and management, labor negotiations, and accounting.


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VC to prioritise data science, AI for investment decisions by 2025

Future CFO

Quantitative analysis will change investing strategy Gartner predicts that by 2025, the AI- and data-science-equipped VC or PE investor will become commonplace.

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The Best Policy for Supporting Families Is “Do No Harm”

CFO News Room

Clara Piano is an Assistant Professor of Quantitative Analysis at Samford University, a Fellow at the Manuel H. The surest path for pro-family policy is to start by increasing economic freedom by simply removing existing barriers to marriage and family life.

Economics 130
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Barclays Taps Accelerator Graduate For Risk Simulation


The simulation technology enables the automated recognition of a significant event in quantitative analysis, enabling entities to simulate more complex scenarios. In its announcement, Barclays explained that agent-based modeling differs from regression-based models, which rely on historical behavior data analysis.

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Finance vs. Accounting

CFO Simplified

Leaders in finance are most successful when they have skills in communication, quantitative analysis, financial planning, and team building. You need to change things on the production floor, on the employees’ desktops, in the purchasing department. You change operations, you affect the financials. .

Finance 52
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CFOs: Do you drive returns that exceed the cost of capital?

Future CFO

As part of the analysis, Gartner said it studied the performance of 1,142 public companies over an eight-year period and complemented this quantitative analysis with in-depth interviews of large enterprise CFOs. Their targets, because they are externally focused, are routinely disrupted by changes to the macro picture.”.