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Not a great success at school, he made seminal contributions in fields as diverse as biology, criminology, geography, meteorology, psychology, psychometrics, and statistics, largely thanks to his obsession with measurement and quantitative analysis. Reprinted from Law & Liberty.

Predictive analytics: opportunities and limits for the future of finance

Jedox Finance

Based on qualitative and quantitative data plus subject matter expertise, folks will attempt to guess what’s likely to happen. This technique has been popular for decades and for good reason; for data where you have regular linear patterns, drawing lines on charts works.


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VC to prioritise data science, AI for investment decisions by 2025

Future CFO

More than 75% of venture capital (VC) and early-stage investor executive reviews will be informed using artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics by 2025, said Gartner recently. The post VC to prioritise data science, AI for investment decisions by 2025 appeared first on FutureCFO.

Pet Insurance Review Methodology

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We wanted to make sure our analysis of pet insurance providers was as objective and data-driven as possible, so we divided our evaluation into categories and gave companies a score in each area based on specific criteria.

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NEW REPORT: Risky FX Business: The Real Cost Of Currency Volatility


The series uses quantitative and historical data on valuations of several major currencies, corporate and governmental case studies and technological developments that have impacted the global FX market, to provide a comprehensive guide explaining what businesses need to do to navigate a volatile FX market. PYMNTS used this data to map and contextualize the modern FX market and surrounding economy, including what it means for international businesses’ profitability. A U.S.

FinServ Matchmaker SuperMoney Tops $2B In Loan Requests


What consumers needed was a one-stop source of transparent data about FinServ products that offered both quantitative data in the from interest rates, fees, loan terms, etc and qualitative reviews from consumers who have used the product. That includes all of the nuts-and-bolts data in a easy-to-see manner — interest rates, other fees, typical consumer credit range, average loan term and the like.

Startup DNA: Rooam, Close Your Bar & Restaurant Tab Remotely


Six months later, the team arrived at an early version of the back-end platform, which showed how inputting an order on a POS system could push data to the app. The company said the data collection to date is still very much in the early stages, but it is something it’s investing in. Data collection is extremely important for us as we grow — for not only studies but also for sales, marketing and our expansion nationally,” said Shams.