Proactis reveals record levels of invoices processed through its managed service

Generation CFO

Proactis, the spend management experts, has revealed a 78% increase in the number of invoices processed through its UK-based managed service team over the last two years. . “We In last two years, the volumes of invoices processed within the team have increased from 1.4

American Express Partnership With Invoiced Offers Discount


American Express is teaming up with Invoiced to help customers with an exclusive offer for 40 percent off an Invoiced subscription for the first two years. percent still receive invoice information via paper mail.


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Invoice Fraud Strikes Amazon In $19M Scam


In a case that highlights how anybody — truly, anybody — can be a victim of invoice fraud, federal officials have reportedly charged two brothers in New York State for an alleged $19 million scam targeting Amazon. Fitzhugh warned, "Invoice fraud is not a victimless crime.

Paymerang Debuts Invoice Solution For Better AP Accuracy


Paymerang , which works in accounts payable (AP) automation, has debuted its new Invoice Automation Solution, which a press release stated will help organizations with efficiency, accuracy, visibility and getting rid of manual paper processes.

Joust To Finance Freelancers’ Outstanding SXSW Invoices


Joust, a banking app in Austin, has announced it will pay users on their unpaid SXSW invoices to help them deal with the cancellation of the huge yearly festival, according to a release. ” Joust will use its invoice factoring tool, PayArmour, to fund the invoices.

Winning The Battle Against ‘Invoice Leakage’


To that end, Ajay Agrawal , CEO and founder of SirionLabs , told PYMNTS, “invoice leakage” occurs when firms do not have the ability to review invoices from their suppliers on a “granular level,” which leads to missed opportunities to spot discrepancies.

New Shine Feature Lets Customers Insure Invoices


Challenger bank Shine , a French startup, has introduced a new program to insure invoices to help make sure they are paid, according to a TechCrunch report. If the party is closed, users receive 90 percent of their invoice paid.

Invoice Fraud Hits Microsoft?


Even the mightiest of tech firms are not immune to invoice fraud. The site noted that, among the alleged fraudulent actions, Tran stands accused of sending two fraudulent invoices to Microsoft, and those invoices were sent to the company from other vendors. In detailing the invoice fraud, Engadget said that, in one of those two cases, an invoice for $775,000 was allegedly routed to a bank account belonging to Tran. Blockchain For Invoices.

Bookings vs Invoicing vs Revenue | The SaaS Revenue Cycle Explained

The SaaS CFO

And how does a booking differ from invoicing and revenue? The post Bookings vs Invoicing vs Revenue | The SaaS Revenue Cycle Explained appeared first on The SaaS CFO. Bookings Revenue bookings invoicingThe SaaS revenue cycle all starts with bookings. But what is a booking?

Accelerating Accounts Receivable Starts With The Invoice


According to Biller Genie CEO Thomas Aronica, that strategy begins with the invoice itself. “There is a very significant delay in the invoice-to-cash cycle,” Aronica told PYMNTS in a recent interview.

E-invoicing frameworks poised for heightened adoption

Future CFO

Finance leaders may have noticed one invoicing trend that emerged in the last couple of years – the way invoices arrive at their organisations has quite clearly changed. While e-invoices support today’s digital work processes, they introduce new risks.

Tide Tests Invoice Non-Payment Protection Offering


To assist small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in keeping their cash flow safe from unpaid or late payments on invoices, Tide has rolled out a new invoice protection offering with the help of Hokodo , according to a press release. percent to 1 percent of the value of an invoice.

AvidXchange Connects With Concur Invoice For Vendor Payments


Accounts payable (AP) and payment automation provider AvidXchange has rolled out a connection with Concur® Invoice for vendor payments. Concur Invoice lets companies ingest and digitize invoices via machine learning, integrating the payments in one system to supervise expenditures.

Basware Bolsters Invoice Processing With Machine Learning


Finnish software firm Basware has announced an upgrade of its accounts payable (AP) automation solution to allow increased functionality for invoicing. Submitting, processing, and paying invoices electronically is easier and faster with AP Pro.

Combatting The Two-Sided Headache Of Invoice Fraud


Even with the digitization of the invoice, fraud remains a rampant problem, and it's not only the buy-side of the B2B equation faced with the consequences. It's time-consuming and expensive" to match every item on a purchase order to an invoice, said Tillman. "It

The Invoice Lands In The Corporate Cyber Fraud Spotlight


Although there are countless ways a cybercriminal can swindle funds from a company — either from the outside or within — it’s often the invoice at the center of the crime.

Dell Takes An API-Enabled Approach To Fixing Invoicing Pains


Companies long-used to sending and receiving paper invoices and checks are finding that digital methods can deliver funds and billing information at a far faster clip. How The Pandemic Drives Demand For Faster B2B Invoice, Payment Delivery.

How Three-Way Invoice Matching Automation Safeguards Retailers’ Revenues


Invoice inaccuracies caused by either honest mistakes or deliberate fraud quickly add up if not caught and corrected, and unexpected monetary drains cause budgets to fall short of projections. Three-Way Invoice Matching.

Singapore Grants eDoc Firm xSuite Peppol Certification For Invoices


The country's Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has listed xSuite among companies whose electronic-invoicing products are suitable for use with the Peppol system. Singapore uses an invoice format called InvoiceNow.

Easing The Online Shift With Integrated Invoicing


The company has connected its SecurePay payment gateway solution within the accounting platform, allowing for SMBs to generate invoices and receive payment without having to leave QuickBooks.

Crowdz Pilots Invoice Crowdfunding Platform InvoiceXchange


B2B invoicing and payments firm Crowdz has announced a new pilot aimed at connecting businesses to crowdfunding services to finance their unpaid invoices. B2B Payments B2B crowdfunding Crowdz invoice finance InvoiceXchange News SMBs Trade finance What's Hot In B2B

Square Debuts Invoices App For SMBs


Square has released a new app called Square Invoices to help businesses design, manage and send invoices from anywhere, the company announced on Tuesday (March 26). The way we do business is changing; not everyone works from an office, and small businesses need the flexibility to handle core processes like invoicing on the go,” said Alyssa Henry, seller lead at Square. Square removes the need for a physical invoice or physical checks that get sent in the mail.

Medius And Pagero Team On Digital Invoice Management


Expense management technology provider Medius and international eDocument service company Pagero have collaborated to help companies handle digital invoices. Medius and Pagero have created a standard connection linking Medius AP Automation with the Pagero digital invoicing network.

Nimbla Teams With Wiserfunding To Safeguard Invoices


invoice insurance provider Nimbla is teaming up with the credit risk assessment firm Wiserfunding , according to a report in Crowdfund Insider on Friday (May 29). businesses with dynamic invoice insurance,” according to Crunchbase. .

How EDI Keeps The Invoice Data Flowing


When employees cannot be physically in an office to send or receive paper invoices and purchase orders, the ability to electronically transmit data on those documents to the appropriate business partner is key as work-from-home requirements continue.

American Express, SAP Team Up For Invoice Automation


Both offerings, American Express said in its announcement , will “help businesses streamline and automate their invoicing and expense management processes.” Employees will be able to pay company invoices using American Express cards from within Concur Invoice.

SAP 62

Buyers And Suppliers Tackle The Invoice-To-Pay Digitization Journey


The Optimizing AP and AR Playbook , a collaboration between PYMNTS and OnPay Solutions , found last month that an estimated nine billion paper invoices are processed every year in U.S.

Gilded Debuts Recurring Crypto Payments For Invoices


Blockchain payment company Gilded has launched a new feature so users can set up recurring, automated invoice payments with cryptocurrency, according to a press release. In a similar innovation earlier this year that was also intended to boost accessibility for crypto to be used for payments, Gilded introduced new B2B tools for users of Coinbase to send invoices and accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin.

MineralTree, Sage Team For Automatic Invoice Matching


Accounts payable and payments automation solution MineralTree has added automated PO and invoice matching for cloud-based accounting and financial management platform Sage Intacct , a press release says.

Delego Launches Self-Service Invoice Payments Solution


Payments solution provider Delego is rolling out its invoice presentment and payment solution, PayCenter, a SAP-integrated tool, to digitize and streamline accounts receivable. In a press release issued Tuesday (April 30), Delego said its self-service Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) tool supports the accounts receivable and billing needs of larger merchants that interact with customers across multiple channels.

Biller Genie Adds New Invoicing Features, Including Apple Pay Integration


Accounts receivable automation and eInvoice company Biller Genie has updated its service and added support for popular payment tools as well as emerging ones, to allow for faster invoicing, according to a release. .

Invoiced Integrates Payment Processing Via Chase


Accounts receivable (AR) automation firm Invoiced is integrating payment processing functionality through a collaboration with Chase and WePay. Through our partnership with Invoiced, we are excited about the availability of Invoiced Payments, which addresses some of these challenges.”.

PayJunction Debuts Digital Invoicing For Virtual Terminal Clients


Payment processing technology developer PayJunction has rolled out a digital invoice function for companies that harness its virtual terminal offering, according to a Thursday (Jan. The company’s invoice functionality grows use cases from usual billing scenarios.

Argo Tea On Avoiding The Steep Price Of Invoicing Errors


Accounts payable (AP) tools that provide quick, detailed oversights of businesses’ financial statuses and payments obligations can help pick up the pace of payments by keeping invoice approval processes on track. Three-Way Invoice Matching Brews Up Better AP Processes.

Expensify Upgrades Invoicing Feature To Help Manage AR


To help customers handle their accounts receivable (AR) while conserving time and financial resources, pre-accounting technology company Expensify unveiled a bolstered invoicing feature.