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SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP) for mid-market customers and partners

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Rainer Zinow, Senior Vice President of Product Management for small and mid-sized enterprises SAP SE, describes the SAP Business Technology Platform as an integral part of SAP's mid-market solution portfolio. While using BTP to build SAP applications, partners adopt BTP to publish on intellectual property.

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U.S. Technology Adoption, 1900-2021

Barry Ritholtz

Technology Adoption, 1900-2021 appeared first on The Big Picture. A century of tech adoption in 30 seconds click for animation Source: Blackrock The post U.S.


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Understanding the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)

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They evolve faster and scale without heavy technology investment, they connect directly with other systems, they leverage data and automation, and soon they will use artificial intelligence for everything from insight to operational efficiency. The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is the central component of this new paradigm.

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How CFOS are balancing investments between technology and talent

CFO Dive

As CFOs move from efficiency to value creation, where does the balance lie between investment in technology and investment in people?

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The Buyer’s Guide to HR & Payroll Technology

Choosing an HCM partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make because time is one of your company’s most strategic assets. How do you want to spend your time?

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Technology for Business Sake - Life Sciences Professional Podcast

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In this episode of Lifesciences Professional Podcast, Linda Robertson speaks with Ralph Hess about business technology in the Life Sciences industry.

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Accenture, Winnebago, Maxar Technologies and more

CFO News Room

Maxar Technologies (MAXR) – The satellite owner and operator’s shares more than doubled in the premarket after it agreed to be acquired by private equity firm Advent International for $53 per share. Maxar — whose technology powers the popular Google Maps app — closed at $23.10 in premarket action. per share on Thursday.

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Navigating the Automation Landscape: Selecting Tools That Fit Your Business

Speaker: Gary Dmitriev

This session will provide your roadmap for vetting potential solutions, focusing on due diligence, vendor assessments, and aligning technology with strategic goals. Our upcoming webinar aims to demystify the process of selecting and implementing automation tools for financial institutes.

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How to Avoid Getting "Ghosted": Top 3 Secrets to Staying Relevant with Gen Z

Speaker: Brian Muse-McKenney, Chief Revenue Officer & Matt Simester, Cards and Payments Expert

Economics and Returns 📈 Adapt to shifting market conditions with flexible, cost-effective technology and operating models to consistently achieve desired economic benchmarks and returns. Key focus areas to attract and retain younger demographics: Customer Experience 🤝 Banks that prioritize customer experience grow 3.2x

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Acterys: Revolutionizing CIO & CFO Decision-Making

Welcome to the Future of Technology for CIOs & CFOs! Ever stood on the precipice of a technological revolution, feeling the energy of change? Acterys unveils a groundbreaking technology tailored for CIOs and CFOs. Ever been captivated by the whispers of a software that's not just innovative but genuinely groundbreaking?

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Putting the ‘Tech’ in Spend Management Techniques

Speaker: Wayne Spivak, President and CFO of SBA * Consulting Ltd., Industry Writer, Public Speaker

With the advancement of technology, the implementation of spend management best practices and concrete GAP analyses is more streamlined and accessible than ever before. If you’re lost in the world of spend management needs and your GAP analysis is lacking perspective on the future state of your business performance, listen up!

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Empowering Business Travel: The CFOs Guide

You’ll find practical advice on managing costs, delivering superior travel experiences, using technology to personalize journeys, and using employee feedback to refine processes. This one-pager explores how to transform travel into a powerful tool for organizational success.

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How Automation is Driving Efficiency Through the Last Mile of Reporting

Speaker: Jamie Eagan

As organizations strive for agility and efficiency, it's imperative for finance leaders to embrace innovative technologies and redefine traditional processes. Join us as we explore the pivotal role of digitalization and automation in reshaping what is commonly referred to as the “last mile of reporting”.